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stacking anavar, EQ, and oral winstrol

I’m looking to run 3 steroids on my next cycle
oral winstrol
I have the dosing that I want to do. Winstrol 50mgs per day 6 weeks
anavar 5 weeks going 40mgs a day
equipoise around 300mgs a week. But my question is should I increase the EQ higher?
Stats are 27 years old
third cycle and 208 pounds
goal is lean muscle mass and cutting
EQ 500mg plus you gonna kill your liver with these orals. how about some test and winny drop the var
i would not run that much in terms of orals...

the best option would be to drop the orals altogether and go with 12 weeks for your cycle

test cypionate at 300 mg week
eq at 500 mg week
s23 at 20-30 mg per day
rad140 at 20-30 mg per day
This would be a great option
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