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Spot Injections vs. Spot Gains... ?


New member
I've seen more than a couple threads here with people saying that spot injections emphasize the gains they get in the muscle being injected (like biceps).

Is there any truth behind this, or is this just myth and the power of suggestion? (e.g. if you're spot injecting your bi's to make them bigger, you're probably also working them harder in the gym too, which is where the reals gains they got came from).

Otherwise, wouldn't all those people that refuse to inject anywhere other than their glutes be running around with HUGE bubble butts from only using that site for injecting?

Atomic Punk

New member
Repeated administration of "synthol" has helped my neighbors arms go from 21-23". He was using alot though, and said that it got to be an asspain. 3cc in each Bi eod, as well as tris. So as far as that substance, I can tell you it does work. As far as "site-enhancement" with simple aas, I don't know.


Let me try to clear this up for people... I have made a post of this nature probably 5-6 times in the past... but it keeps coming up... no worries. :)

Short term site injections, even with synthol, will yield NO long term permanent muscle growth... other than that which occurs from working out/eating/ and AAS usage... there are no extra benefits to injecting directly into the arm...

In fact, if you use something that is Painful to inject into your arm, over short periods of time (I'm talking 3-4 months or less) it will cause your workouts to NOT be as good... I have and many people I know have suffered on bi/tri days by about 10lbs or more depending on what was injected... this can hurt your growth by not allowing you to reach your maximum lifting potential.

Now... if you are injecting any sort of oil (prop, winny, etc) synthol... for a period of around 6 months or more... then you could notice some permanent growth... in layman's terms, the muscle fibers are stretched out over a longer period of time, thereby causing them to grow.

However, many people who spot inject over a period of a cycle, do not do it for a long enough period of time to allow this type of growth to occur.

There has been reports that Fina has yielded these results on spot injections... Although, I just think that this growth stays around longer than say... the growth from 6 weeks of prop usage would... fina's site "swelling" might stick around for 3 months... giving the appearance of a site growth...