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Slyder sarm log GW, ACP, RAD

Returned from my year end vacation to Punta Cana.
I did not leave as light in weight as I wanted. Year end festivities and not as hard of work out as normal. Still left at about 190-192 lb
Returned at 194-196.
So picked up a few lbs. That is absolutely fine. It was an all inclusive resort for 8 days. I had desert with at least 3 meals per day. I found the cookies also. Even when I ate a banana some how it came with a cookie. Hahahaha! I did walk or jog every morning for about 90 minutes. Also hit the resort gym for a 90 minutes every day. Some days I had a double latte with a cookie as pre work out. I do not drink so I enjoyed the food. Found I love thick sliced pumpernickel French toast. I did eat lots of eggs and meat. Lamb several times and steak.
Yes I pigged out and enjoyed every bite. Already back home and back on my meal plan and work outs.
Got the MRI on my shoulder today and get results on Friday.
It’s gonna be a great year.
Y’all stay strong!!

a few lbs is good

are you going to put up the new log? based on that cycle
welcome welcome back
can we get your new log thread going?
good vacation bro, please open a new thread with that cycle you going to do
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