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Slyder sarm log GW, ACP, RAD

Funny thing about the knee. Pressing motions are ok. Extensions are hit or miss. Depends on the day. Side load is the huge problem. Example is a walking lung. Those are jacked. I did them a month ago and still feel them. I am glad I did something legs yesterday. They feel good today. I did not over do it. Knee always feel tight like it has fluid on it. Just can’t bend it as far as the other one.
Just trying to hang on till first of the year. New insurance so new deductible.
Gonna have this right shoulder, left fore arm and right knee looked at.
Gonna scare some poor Ortho doctor!

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I get the tiniest tweak from mine. Just on stairs
I will consider ostrain.
Plan to do blood work before end of year. My test and estrogen should be back down. Lump in breast is back down. So back to arimidex half tan with test weekly and tomoxifin once a week. Just want to get blood back to normal for a bit before next run.

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