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setting up my primo cycle with sustanon

it's not a bad stack but I would stick to 15 weeks
better add in some masteron or proviron here
this is a pretty long cycle you better use n2guard
keep the dosing the same don't fluctuate it or drop it halfway
going to do a 20 week cycle with both primobolan and sustanon :)
my plan is this:
10 weeks primo 500mgs a week, 10 weeks primo 750mgs a week
10 weeks sustanon 250/week then 10 weeks sust 500mgs a week
I’m 36 years old and I’m around 205 pounds and around 16% body fat.
My main objective is to cut body fat and gain lean muscle mass any thoughts?
So, with the longer esters, 6 months on

No. Do less
WAYY too long to be on cycle and pointless.. you are NOT going to make any added gains by running it longer but you certainly will have a much longer recovery for NOTHING.. it will make it much harder to retain gains doing that
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