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reversing sarms decision

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I do not buy into the whole GW causes cancer thing. Like mentioned, this has been debunked many times. That doesn't mean you have to use it if you are still worried. Just run the other compounds then.
Have it been debunked? Just because enough ppl say it does not cause cancer does not debunk it. It did cause cancer in the studies, how those studies relate to how we use it as PEDs however is something else.
There are no studies being done on the dosages and length used as PEDs as far as I know, so in my eyes there will still be the unknown side to it for some time yet.
Then it's up to each on his own how much risk ones willing to take.

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I am about to start my sarms stack but had a change of heart after reading about gw cardarine and cancer risk
I want to swap it out for something similar
I am also using lgd4033 and s4/andarine
I’m 34 years old, first time using sarms. 188 pounds and 6’2’’. goal is recomp

There is NO Solid evidence showing data that is causing cancer. It’s important to note that this is a relatively large dose compared with doses that have been tested in humans. Considering the limited amount of research in humans, the extent of this and other side effects remains largely unknown among humans
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