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Proviron and masteron stack good or nah?

What do you guys think about using proviron and masteron together?
Both seem to be good for hardening but wasn’t sure if stacking them would be a waste or not
My goals are going to be for recomping and my other question was do i need to use mast prop or can i get away with enanthate if i do it for 6 weeks only?
I'm 5 ft 11 228 lb and 17% body fat. I'm 27 years old
wasting your time at 17%. need to get 11% or less
I used it in 1997 as mentioned, back in my 20's age range, so my understanding was based on then.
you said it is one of the weakest steroids that is usually used in a pct regimen, which i am 100% going to call out because it could not be more false and people reading this could take that as a wrong idea.. it certainly is not usually used as any pct regimen.. people tend to shy away from it in pct as it is.. its used on cycle FAR FAR FAR more often than any "pct regiment" and has a multitude of benefits... i could care less how you personally ran it etc. but putting out bad info is something i am always going to point out to protect people reading attempting to actually learn
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