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Please Help/Review Test Cyp/EQ +HCG during cycle


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Hello all, thanks for taking the time to help me out. I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy post I just thought it would be beneficial to everyone to explain.

About me: This will be my second cycle and I intend for everything to be perfectly planned out before beginning this time, as opposed to last. :worried:Previously I ran 600mg Test Cyp/ 600mg EQ for 10 weeks with great results, however I did not do my research and skipped a proper PCT other then the occasional use of Arimidex when symptoms occurred. Because of this, as Im sure most of you can guess, I became very lethargic and lost most of my gains. Since then, I have been steadily researching/ reading forums in order to become more knowledgeable before trying again.

Stats: 23 years old, 5' 10", 150lbs. I am a definite hardgainer, metabolism the speed of light. I have been working out steadily for 6 years, eating upwards of 3k cals a day on average, yet not able to break my genetic plateu of 150lbs since my last cycle where I gained 15 lbs, well under 10%bf. I say genetic since not a single man in my family is over 160lbs and he is 6' 3"...we are very thin people by nature. This is the main reason I chose EQ. I mean, dont get me wrong the strength increase is amazing, but the appetite is what I crave. I understand if you do not agree that I should be cycling, however I will be doing this regardless, I just ask for helpful tips so that I may do it safely.:taco:

Also..thought Id mention..I am not one of those young foolish guys in the gym. I am a CrossFit trainer full-time and I take form and technique very seriously.


Last time I suffered some pretty bad acne (which is to be expected from that dosage for a newb like me)that did not go away for several months. Because of that, I intend to lower my Test dosage to 400mg /wk, unless you feel I should reduce it further? I dont mind a little acne, just not the monsters I was getting for what seemed like eternity.

Here is my cycle plan so far, please feel free to critique/ advise:

Weeks 1-13 - Test Cyp 400mg/ EQ 500mg /HCG 250iu Twice Weekly
Week 14 - Test Cyp 400mg
Week 15 - Nothing
Weeks 16-19 50mg Clomid/ 20mg Nolvadex ED

Ive read that frontloading long esters like Cyp can result in much faster results, do you recommend I do this? Also, I extended the cycle a few weeks longer then I intended so that I may reap a bit more benefits from the EQ. If you think this is a bad idea please let me know and I can reduce it.

Supplements throughout: Standard Mens MultiVitamin/ Possibly Rhodiola (if anyone is experienced Id appreciate your input)

I have access to most everything so if you feel Id benefit from something else, please feel free to let me know.

This part has become my main focus after realizing that without a proper PCT, why even bother cycling? Most advice that im seeking stems around this. After doing some research on HCG, I feel it to be a safer option to run it weekly throughout the entire cycle at a dosage of 250mg 2x/wk. Now heres where my questions begin:

1) Will I need to use an AI during cycle since the weekly HCG injections may cause a rise in estrogen.

2) Since being ran throughout, would PCT consist of only using SERMS (clomid or Nolva), or should I do a small blast towards the end?

3) How long should I wait for the long esters to clear my system before beginning SERMS?

4) Are there any recommended herbal/natural vitamins/supplements that may help in my PCT recovery back to normal?

Thanks again guys, I appreciate this more then you can know!:biggrin:
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