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Not feeling well on winstrol female

Stop the Winstrol, it is pulling all the water out of your joints and such leaving you feeling constantly depleted. No need to mess with Winstrol unless you are going to compete. Anabolic Steroids in themselves do not aid in burning fat. They do help build muscle when calorie surplus and preserve muscle when on a caloric deficit.

You want to loose weight it mostly comes down to diet and you can take all the aids you want, but if your diet sucks your results suck. Now for me I don't push diet plans as most people will not follow them and those that do just go back to their old habits once the goal is achieved. I prefer talking about starting with small increments of change. Concentrate on getting enough protein. Then just making better choices. These little life style changes eventually start to add up and your body starts to adjust accordingly.

If you have a relatively healthy diet some things to consider as adders to start moving the needle would be:

1. Ephedra stack. With this you basically get Bronkaid and take it every morning with a baby aspirin and caffein. It acts as a thermogenic and helps to burn a couple more calories. Do not do this if you have any cardio vascular issues. This was the original formula for Hydroxicut until the FDA banned Ephedra from dietary supplements cause people with cardio vascular issues where having heart attacks.

2. Clenbuterol and T3 seems to be a really good combination, but real care has to be taken as Clenbuterol is harder on the heart than Ephedra and has all kinds of potential other side effects from headaches, night sweats, racing heart, insomnia and more. Start the dose small and work up over several mini cycles. Some people do 2 days on 2 days off other will do 1 week on 1 week off and those that tolerate it well will do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

3. GW Cardarine, it is perfectly legal to buy this, short term this stuff seems to work well, but the long term effects of it have not been studied in any clinical trials of humans. Early trials in rats showed when they basically super dosed the rats with 100X more than a human would take the rats chances of developing cancer had significantly increased and that prevented them from going forward with human trials. Since it has been around for only about 30 years the long term effects of users is still a little unknown, but those that have taken it at normal dosing have so far not show an increased risk of cancer or at least it is so minimal of an increased risk it is impossible to put a number to it. It is banned from use in professional sports, but hey so are anabolic steroids.

Now if you stack one of the above with say Anavar at 2 doses a day of 5 mg for a 6 week on 6 week off cycle and I think you may start to see the results you are looking for. Muscles will grow and fat will slowly decrease.
this is sound advice
The guys got you covered stop immediately it is clearly doing damage to you and the body is telling you this listen to it , dont keep hurting yourself like that as it isn't worth it.
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