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Normal to get headaches on sarms?

First off my blood pressure is pretty good it's around 130 over 75
I've got a pretty good diet. only thing that's really changes of increase my calories a little bit. also been adding some creatine to my supplement regiment and also taking protein powder three times a day
I’m using lgd4033 20mgs a day with s4/andarine 100mgs a day
Its been 16 weeks on. I’m going for 22 weeks straight
I’m 243 pounds and 6’3’’ with 25% body fat and i’m 55
why am I getting headaches I've never experienced this before even on steroids ? and yes i’m using forum sponsor for sarms
lots of things could cause other than sarms. 25% BF is really high and I am sure you not taking enough water. Are you getting a gallon a day
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