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  1. H

    dropping LGD mid cycle for something else

    I’m currently on lgd4033 and running 20mgs a day. I don’t like the effects that I’m getting because I’m getting a little aggression. Purchase them from one of the sponsors on here so I know it’s legit. I’m looking to switch it out for either S4 andarine or maybe rad140. I’m four weeks into the...
  2. M

    s4 andarine for cutting or strength?

    Interested in try s4 for the first time I’ve used lgd and rad before, but never s4 andarine can you give me some of the best benefits that you’ve noticed using it? I generally am looking to get more fat loss but also boost my strength at the same time. Not sure if that is the best option. my...
  3. B

    why does S4 and s23 have so many sides yet…

    S4 I’m doing 75mgs a day and doing the s23 25mgs a day. I’m 22 years old and experiencing horrible vision side effects like a yellow tint also getting shut down sides. so wondering why does s4 andarine and s23 come with so many sides yet the gains are also soooooooo damn good. What do you think?
  4. S

    s4 andarine stacked with cardarine GW and maybe lgd4033?

    Looking to do 2 or 3 sarms on my next run. It’s interested in doing 12 weeks. My plan was this: s4 andarine 50mgs a day lgd4033 20mgs a day cardarine gw 25mgs a day I’m currently five foot 8 178 pounds and around 14% body fat do you think this would be a good cycle to put on more muscle and lose fat
  5. E

    time for S4 finally

    not seeing many threads pushing s4, must not make a commission off of it right? Lol jk guys its a just! But seriously what is the harm using some S4 andarine on this cycle to get the most results. Looking to do 50mgs a day for 12 weeks. Any thoughts on what to stack it with? I’m looking for...
  6. B

    S4 and sr9009 good or no?

    What do you think about stacking s4 andarine along with sr9009? I’m curious to hear you’re experiencing stacking them I’m thinking about going 12 weeks and my stats are 43 years old I trained mostly in CrossFit 5 times a week and on the weekends I either do a lot of swimming or hiking I’m 185...
  7. S

    s4/andarine works well with cardarine?

    Cardarine gw 20mgs a day is what i was gonna do as my base Now I just have to figure out which sarm to use s4/andarine seems like a good choice. Would 50mgs a day work well? And would 12 weeks be a good dose. I’m in my mid twenties and this is going to be the first time I run anything like this...
  8. L

    200mgs test + 3 months of sarms

    Yes you read the title. I want to do 200mgs of testosterone enanthate along with sarms for 3 months The sarms i want to use are: S23 Yk11 s4/andarine 3 of the strongest sarms with test should get me good results yes? I'm 5 ft 7 in and I am 150 lb. 28 years old goal is to bulk up maybe 20 or 30 lb
  9. C

    andarine/s4 and sarms for cutting

    I’m looking for the best sarms to cut down Currently right at 200 pounds Need to cut down, but not Necessarily in body weight. I would like to drop body fat instead. I don't know my body fat but I can tell you I have some Pudge around my stomach that I can grab I'm 24 years old and I am training...
  10. B

    Sarms for sustained lean gains

    I’m looking to get some more sustained gains on my next sarms cycle My issue is simple. I cannot keep my gains on steroids. I gain A LOT of strength and size and then lose it all cause its so fast. I mean in 4 weeks i put on about 20 pounds on my last cycle. Looking to try sarms to get more long...
  11. L

    Quick results on sarms?

    I’m looking to get some fast results from sarms Really excited to try s4 andarine 50mgs a day Along with maybe some cardarine and ostarine My question is on dosing the the cardarine and ostarine correctly What kind of dosing would you do for both? I’m trying to get fast results as i said in the...
  12. C

    What are the best real sarms to use?

    Not interested in using sarm-like drugs like nutrobal or gw. I want to use real actually sarms and i wanted to buy them from a legit source Any recommendations for sources? I'm really interested in andarine s4, ostarine mk2866 and rad140. Sr9009 also seems interesting to me cause it is supposed...
  13. M

    s4-andarine combatting vision issues

    I’m doing s4 right now. 100mgs a day. Dropped the dose to 75mgs and still having vision issues They came on after the first 10 days i was on it The gains have been good though so don’t want to spot Do you have any suggestions as to what i can take to help with this? I’m currently pushing 200...
  14. R

    3 stack sarms and increasing dosing

    What would you recommend i do with my dosing on this current stack which i am 4 weeks into Lgd4033 10mgs a day s4/andarine 50mgs a day Nutrobal mk 25mgs a day Not seeing the results i was expecting Only up 3 pounds. I’m now 184 pounds and 6’1’’ My goal was more like 10 pounds Maybe i should...
  15. F

    How would you do this sarms run?

    Just want to confirm before I begin purchase two bottles of lgd4033 3 bottles of sr9009 And 2 bottles of s4 andarine How would you stack the 3 of these sarms and did i purchase enough of them for a 12 week cycle? I'm trying to bulk up while also not gaining any body fat. I'm currently 16% body...
  16. T

    Normal to get headaches on sarms?

    First off my blood pressure is pretty good it's around 130 over 75 I've got a pretty good diet. only thing that's really changes of increase my calories a little bit. also been adding some creatine to my supplement regiment and also taking protein powder three times a day I’m using lgd4033 20mgs...
  17. J

    Best for losing belly sarms

    Not just looking to lose my belly using sarms but also I like to go bicycling every weekend we usually go about 12 to 15 mi in a group. also looking to help with strength improvements in the gym someone told me that sr9009 and s4/andarine were good, but i’m worried about vision issues being...
  18. Q

    Best female stack of sarms

    I’ve got a close friend advising me on sarms She said to use rad140 10mgs a day and s4 andarine 60mgs a day This is my first time using this stuff. My main objective is increasing my strength but I also don't want to get any type of man like issues either I’m currently 5’1 and 155 pounds. Some...
  19. T

    Becoming superman on sarms?

    5 years ago I started dabbling around with pro hormones. they didn't do a thing for me except make me sick and make me lose results. the past year I've been busting my butt I don't want to mess around with needles though and use anything like that That is why i am going with sarms My cycle...
  20. K

    andarine and ostarine stack

    I really like that both of these are still in Trials so they haven't been completely abandoned when it comes to sarms use. Atleast that is what i was told What do you think about stacking both for 12 weeks or so? Debating my dosages. Would 50mgs of each per day be too much or is that the sweet...
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