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    Normal to get headaches on sarms?

    First off my blood pressure is pretty good it's around 130 over 75 I've got a pretty good diet. only thing that's really changes of increase my calories a little bit. also been adding some creatine to my supplement regiment and also taking protein powder three times a day I’m using lgd4033 20mgs...
  2. J

    Best for losing belly sarms

    Not just looking to lose my belly using sarms but also I like to go bicycling every weekend we usually go about 12 to 15 mi in a group. also looking to help with strength improvements in the gym someone told me that sr9009 and s4/andarine were good, but i’m worried about vision issues being...
  3. Q

    Best female stack of sarms

    I’ve got a close friend advising me on sarms She said to use rad140 10mgs a day and s4 andarine 60mgs a day This is my first time using this stuff. My main objective is increasing my strength but I also don't want to get any type of man like issues either I’m currently 5’1 and 155 pounds. Some...
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    Becoming superman on sarms?

    5 years ago I started dabbling around with pro hormones. they didn't do a thing for me except make me sick and make me lose results. the past year I've been busting my butt I don't want to mess around with needles though and use anything like that That is why i am going with sarms My cycle...
  5. K

    andarine and ostarine stack

    I really like that both of these are still in Trials so they haven't been completely abandoned when it comes to sarms use. Atleast that is what i was told What do you think about stacking both for 12 weeks or so? Debating my dosages. Would 50mgs of each per day be too much or is that the sweet...
  6. G

    Straight muscle mass with sarms

    Just got out of a 5 year marriage where i Completely lost motivation and I was putting Fitness second and my family first. now that I'm divorced and my wife has full custody of the kids I can now focus on my fitness 100% Looking to get some muscle mass with sarms this time during my Hiatus I...
  7. D

    Sarms for strength quick?

    I'm looking to get stronger very quickly The sarm i was looking at was s4/andarine I heard that this stuff can make you silly strong in just 10 days or less. Should i run 50 or 75mgs a day for 12 weeks? I’m currently 6’ tall and 155 pounds. I am not a strong person i have a lot of room to...
  8. J

    S4, lgd and rad140 for size and strength

    Skinny fat physique 28 years old 5’9’’ 170 pounds I’m looking to stack s4/andarine, rad140, and lgd4033 all together the way I want to do this is pretty simple I'm going to do 25 mg of the rad 140 and lgd then I'm going to stack another 50 mg a day of the S4 This will be a 12 week run and then...
  9. T

    Sarms gw and andarine ?

    I’m a crossfit athlete who is mixing in weight training too My weakness right now is endurance and my strength is good I need help everywhere in between that. I don't want to put on body fat or water retention which is why I want to use sarms instead of steroids. I'm 28 years old and I am 5'6...
  10. G

    Sarms cutter stack options

    I’ve put on around 25 pounds in the past 2 years.bad weight and gotten out of shape Haven’t been training as well as i should Plan on going back for 5 weeks and then starting sarms Want to cut down. I’m currently 225 pounds, need to get sub 200 but want to keep muscle I’ve got a good stack...
  11. U

    Andarine/s4 and ostarine/mk2866

    I'm around 200 lb and 6 ft tall my body fat is probably around 18% which I'm cool with. when I'm not cool with though is I don't feel like I have enough muscle on my frame I’m looking at using both s4 and mk2866 together My dosages i’m thinking of doing are 50mgs of the S4 and around 25mgs of...
  12. R

    s4/andarine with ostarine mk2866

    I want to stack in s4 and ostarine 50mgs a day each I want to do it for 8-12 weeks Which length of time would be best or can I actually go to 16 weeks or is that too long? I’m currently 27 years old Just finished a year long steroid cycle and want to use this cycle to bridge before my next one I...
  13. V

    Andarine and ostarine stack

    everyone always talks about different sarms but never heard anyone mention this stack I want to experiment with it and log it I'm 38 years old and my priorities have changed a lot. I'm only working out two or three times a week in the gym and I spent a lot more time doing things like bicycling...
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    More muscle mass with sarms

    24 yrs old, 55kg, shorter guy but skinny a bit Would you recommend i run yk11, s23, and s4 andarine? Or should i stick to something more conservative since this is my first time?
  15. J

    Andarine s4 100mgs a day?

    A friend said that S4 must be ran at 100mgs a day or you are wasting your time He also said you have to have vision issues on it where you are blinded or it ain’t workin the right way as he put it Is this true or bro science?
  16. K

    How to combat sarms negatives?

    I am currently doing s4 andarine and its hard to drive at night. The sun goes down a lot earlier and i have to drive home and can’t see right. Headlights are weird How do you combat the sides? Should i lower the dose? I’m doing 100mgs a day of S4 and its been 3 weeks and its really bad
  17. P

    S4, gw, rad

    Very simple stack I want to do S4 andarine 15 mg a day GW cardarine 10 mg a day rad 140 5 mg a day I want to do it about 12 weeks but I might extend it to 16 weeks if I have the money and if you recommend doing it that way my goals are increase lean muscle mass. I'm currently 10 to 12 per cent...
  18. Z

    lgd with s4 results?

    What kind of results should I expect on my next sarms stack I’m doing s4/andarine 50mgs a day 9 weeks lgd4033 20mgs a day 12 weeks 6’1’’ 249 pounds and 25% body fat
  19. B

    s4/andarine vision issues

    I’ve been using s4/andarine for about 2 weeks and haven’t had any vision issues so far I’m doing 25mgs a day Do you think that is normal or should it mean i should raise the dosage? I used a forum sponsor I’m 260 pounds and 6’5’’ .. me being such a big guy i wonder if i should triple the dose
  20. P

    S4 works good for strength?

    I had a buddy of mine use andarine s4 sarm and he said he had good strength results I’m looking to try it too. I’m 26 and 210 pounds @6’3’’ my struggles are with strength. I’m super weak for my height