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Next 2 cycles

test+deca+sarms = perfect and you have experience too
nice man, still kicking ass even in your late 50's. an inspiration to all of us younger guys who are catching up to you in age. damn i'm getting old !

Thanks. I started too late. Wish I had skipped the Dad bod years and done this sooner. Realizing I am an alcoholic and getting sober has changed my life. Y’all starting young will see the benefits.. you guys inspire me.

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Running gw for 32 weeks?
That is actually a question I have.
I have it listed in my cycle as 1-16 weeks.
Most cycles I have done and read about are 12 weeks with 4 week pct.
Gw is good to run in the pct. Of course me being on Trt I do not technically need a pct. However I should take a break between cycles to let body clean out.
I plan to wait till the tail end of this cycle before planning next one.
Depending on how I feel, should I wait another 4 weeks after 16 weeks to start next cycle or do I start up again after 16??
How long is it safe to run gw ?
I have never taken it past 16 weeks.
Of course this cycle will have Deca for 10 weeks. It doesn’t really kick in till the end. Then it continues to kick after 10. I am not sure how long it stays. So not sure if it’s gone after the 16. Not sure when safe to start next cycle.
I might run this same cycle again or even add tren. We shall see. Then maybe do a cut cycle after. All depends on how I look and feel.
I guess another good question is. If you run 10 weeks Deca how long after the 10 weeks. Is a good wait period before starting Deca again?

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