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Need Some Serious Help And Advice!!


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Just a little background..
Im 5'10, weight 209, BF%12 and i go to the gym everyday with a one day break here and there.
I take lifting pretty fucking serious and im just tryna get bigger.

So heres the deal a friend of mines gave me some Test Prop, Test E, and Dbol to take and said how much he thinks i should take and something else to keep my blood pressure down during my cycle and said to call him after im done for PCT. Thats not very good advice for me to take and run with and so im here looking for the best knowledge there is and help. i did my research on it and learned a few things but im looking for things to back that up and a few other good ideas that also work SO PLEASE let me know because im not going in blind and here seems like a good place to get light

Dude, you posted in the right place the first time. You may want to avoid looking at the responses from these guys.
You train "pretty fucking serious" but yet you take a day off from working out? Poose

Lol real talk don't listen to anyone in here we will just break your balls in this section
my advice take
Test E @ 500 mgs a week split into two injections(mon and thrus) for 12 weeks
dbol @100 mcg for 4 weeks
that would def put on some weight. eat eat and eat, if sides are too crazy on dbol lower doses, i also recommend milk thistle while you are taking dbol it protects your liver and some AI to keep the bloat under control, i wouldn't run prop to bulk.( i hope this helps)
good luck lift hard, eat well, you will get bigger on it
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