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Need a reason to quit smoking!!! =((


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Hey ladies.... I need your help. Im a recovering bulimic/anorexic and i gave up alcohol completly because it interferes with my medicine (blessing in disguise ;) but then my next vice became cigarettes. Im excessive in everything i do. I train hard and eat pretty well....but i ve been smoking a pack every other day of ultra-lights for a month and a 1/2...and decided today they were nasty and wanted to quit...but im beginning to feel they're "power" i went n got more =( i was so disappointed in myself. I need another reason other than the obvious ones to motivate me to stop! i basically need to hear they'll slow down my fat burning or atrophy my muscle! Please any insight would help!!! TIA
hey welcome... I am in the same boat as you.. I am extreme in everything that I do and I also suffered from bulimia/anorexia . I also smoked when I was younger. I just decided one day I didn't want to do it anymore and that was it... you have to put something else in that time period that you would usually smoke.. distract yourself... but really I believe smoking is one of those things that you will continue to do until you really decide in your heart you no longer want to do it
Your absolutely right! The prob with me is i ve been out of a job for 2 months,, so in the evenings i sit at star bucks with friends and chat smoke and java it. I figure i atleast made the first step in WANTING to stop. But i feel if i had reasons that would delay my progress in tha gym it might help me motivate more!!
The death of both my parents due to smoking & the horrible suffering they endured should give you enough reason to quit.

Can you imagine yourself so addicted to cigarrettes that when you're 68 & on permanent oxygen that you're sitting there puffing away while the oxygen is ON cuz you can't breathe without it??
yeah jens right... I used to take care of a fellow that smoked still in his 80's and had to walk around with an oxygen tank... sounds like your smoking cause your bord.. go for a walk with your friends instead.. you have to switch it up
My grandfather just died a few weeks ago from cancer in his lungs, from smoking, I went to see him, and he was so skinny, and had all sorts of tubes in him, he couldn't breathe, he kept gasping for air.

Also my grandmother has had 2 heart-attacks, she almost died. The doctor has been telling her she needs to stop smoking because it is killing her, but she says she can't. She apparently would rather die than stop smoking.

You say you train and eat right, so you know how to care for your body and know how important your health is, so why would you knowingly put poison into it.

Our bodies are our temples and should be treated as such.
It makes your breath & clothes smell, gives you wrinkles, Stains your teeth,smells up your home & furniture,gives you bad breath---stunts your growth(slows metabolism)causes the arteries to harden,shortness of breath,causes strokes & high Blood Pressure.

Oh - and if you're thinking "None of these stories, experiences, etc will EVER happen to me" think again. My mother's lung doctor was one of the best in the US & he said that ANYONE who smokes will get some sort of illness from it. And you don't know how truly bad emphysema is until you see someone who has it gasping for breath & they can't - yet when they finally do - they light up a cigarette. Pathetic!

And do you truly enjoy a MAJOR company with a deadly product having complete control over you and your health?
find something to replace it....

I dont have anoreixa/bullimia.. but have had a bad habit i had to replace
If the health things don't get you, how about this.....

Because even IF you reach your goals and have (what you consider) a "perfect body" and everything is exactly whree you want it ...... you will look and feel like CRAP because smoking is disgusting, foul, and gross. NOBODY "looks good" smoking.

Smoking discolors your teeth, makes your skin leathery and wrinkled, and speeds up the aging process.
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