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Approved Log My TRT Cruise and recovery log

for sure Steve knows a lot of shit that nobody else understands lol.
SteveSmi, he has taught me so much in terms of my diet, proportions, cycle guidance and fine tuning and my programming.
bros true story i didn't like steve years ago on the forums on here, thought he said some crazy shit that i didn't agree with. lol how dumb was I for thinking that? dude forgot more then all of us know !
bros true story i didn't like steve years ago on the forums on here, thought he said some crazy shit that i didn't agree with. lol how dumb was I for thinking that? dude forgot more then all of us know !
He’s a really bright and considerate person, very helpful and wants to educate people. I have learned and will continue to learn from him.
Here is a copy from excel, this is the program that I am going to stick with and change after six weeks when I run Test / EQ in a couple weeks.
I increase weight about 5-8lbs per week based on how I feel from each exercise. I use pain threshold of 1-4, recovery of 1-4 and so on to develop my increases. Week six of this program IO drop drastically like 60% of the weight comes off and all the reps are really low to deload my body.
When I come back after the deload I can then start the first week of my next 6 week meso pushing heavier weight with good form than I could on week 1 of the previous MESO and I just increase again with the goal of week 5 being 10-20lbs heavier than the previous week 5. This methodology combined with the feedback from the guys on this forum keeps me safe, not burned out or stale. If you want to see stupid go look at MY TRT DECA log, I trained like a fool and my diet is embarrassing to even look at. After cycle I will cruise and recover again on a 4 day program since I cannot always recover as quickly when not using peds.

Proposed 5 day program while on cycle
MinutesSetsRepsWeight (aprox)
Walking Lunges with weight10310106Heavy
Barbell good morning738125Heavy
Front Squat846-8125Heavy
Barbell Squat835-7275Heavy
Barbell Calf raise6310-12230Heavy
Barbell Hip Thrust638245Heavy
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4519
BP1Bench Press Wide1045-7245Heavy
Bench Press Incline1045-7210Heavy
Dumbell incline low angle835-7130
T1/T2JM press Barbell735-760Heavy
Barbell Upright row746-895Heavy
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4218
Barbell Bent over row735-7200Heavy
Chest Supported dumbbell row735-785Heavy
Pulldown wide grip636-8145Heavy
Dumbbell lat raises (thumbs down)528-1015Light
B1/B3Hammer Curl736-845Heavy
Close Grip Landmine735-7130Heavy
Barbell Shrug735-7250Heavy
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4620
Reduced Weight / Higher Reps below for last two splits (Thursday and Friday)
Walking Lunges10330BodyWeightBody Weight
Barbell Good Morning731295.25 - .3 reduced weight
Front Squat9314-1695.25 - .3 reduced weight
Barbell Squat10416-18205.25 - .3 reduced weight
Barbell Squat (high rep)8135-5016550 reps here reduced
Barebell Calf Raise6330185.25 - .3 reduced weight
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets5720
Bench Press Medium grip10416180.25 - .3 reduced weight
Dumbell incline low angle10416170
Flat chest flyes1041635lbs ea (70)
DumbbellUpright Row831530.25 - .3 reduced weight
T2/B3Dumbbell Skullcrusher1031560lbs.25 - .3 reduced weight
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4818
To be alternated as necessary
T1Tricep straight bar push down8412-1650.25 - .3 reduced weight
B1Dumbbell Skullcrusher836-840Heavy
T2Cable Tricep pushdown with strap837-965Heavy
B2Spider curls8412-1530Reduced weight
B3Alternating Bicep Curls1046-880Heavy
BP1Medium Grip Bench PressHeavy
I like the training program
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