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Approved Log My TRT Cruise and recovery log

45 to 50 minutes of weight training that's the max I would do
Sounds like maybe a five day program with 6-8 exercises per day, no more than 18-22 sets, heavy sets 5-7 reps, lighter sets 15+ reps with a .25-.3 reduction in weight. I’m trying to dial in my program before I work with Eq cycle, I feel that diet has really improved, not over training etc.

If not a 5 day program then I stick with 4 and have to sacrifice maybe down to one tricep and one bicep on the splits, the JM AND Skull crushers have made my bench much more solid and I’d like to keep doing them.

Thanks for the feedback guys
Here is my proposed 5day Meso cycle for six weeks, week six is a deloading week, I would then restructure this program for six more weeks after the first one and so on.

The 4 week program has 32 exercises in 4 days, the 5 day program has 29 exercises and only two days with 21 reps, the rest are 19 and 20. I estimated my time per exercise moderately and I still have wiggle room for more recovery if needed. I usually like to do some cardio in the morning with a slow easy jog and couple big sprints on grass, I'll have a wind bike in the next month for extra cardio options, as i plan to get 30+ per day or eod. Here is my breakdown, Id appreciate your feedback as I try to dial this in, I think I'm getting closer. When I compare what I was doing a year ago that was totally overtraining.

Here is that Program I'm tinkering with.
Proposed 5 day program while on cycle
5 Day ProgramMinutesSetsRepsWeight (aprox)
Walking Lunges with 106lbs7310106Heavy
Barbell good morning738125Heavy
Front Squat836-8135Heavy
Barbell Squat735-7275Heavy
Barbell Calf raise6312-Aug230Heavy* added in 3x week not including total reps
Barbell Hip Thrust538245Heavy
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4018
Bench Press Wide1045-7245Heavy
Bench Press Incline845-7210Heavy
Dumbbell Skullcrusher836-840Heavy
JM press Barbell735-760Heavy
Barebell Upright row746-895Heavy
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4018
Barbell Bent over row735-7200Heavy
Chest Supported dumbbell row735-785Heavy
Pulldown wide grip636-8145Heavy
Dumbbell lat raises (thumbs down)538-1015Light
Hammer Curl736-845Heavy
Close Grip Landmine735-7130Heavy
Barbell Shrug735-7250Heavy
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4621
Reduced Weight / Higher Reps below for last two splits (Thursday and Friday)
Walking Lunges10430BodyWeightBody Weight
Barbell Good Morning739512.25 - .3 reduced weight
Front Squat9411515.25 - .3 reduced weight
Barebell Squat10422525.25 - .3 reduced weight
Barbell Squat (high rep)211655050 reps here reduced
Barebell Calf Raise6330185.25 - .3 reduced weight
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets5121
Bench Press Medium grip10415180.25 - .3 reduced weight
Dumbell incline low angle10415170
DumbbellUpright Row841530.25 - .3 reduced weight
Tricep straight bar push down8412-1650.25 - .3 reduced weight
Dumbbell Skullcrusher1041260lbs.25 - .3 reduced weight
Total Time Estimate/ Totals Sets4620
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