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Approved Log My first log Diet Training - Joshs log

This is all new for me. Years back like 14 years ago I was training for the fire department made it in the academy and didn't make it threw due to my knee blowing out needing a surgery and unfortunately never went back.

I am 34 years old now 6'5 and I weight 178lbs very little fat but also very little muscle. I've tried taking mass gainers through the years tried eating all the right things but have never been able to bulk up or get very big. I am at a new chapter in my life and now have time for me i would like to dedicate my time to doing this right and would appreciate all the help I can get. Honestly I know very little about well much of any of this but am eager to learn. I'm excited for this new start maybe there is someone out there willing to take me under their wing and help me along this process. I think it will be pretty neat to watch myself progress.

Right now I cook most of my meals not always the most healthy but definitely better than fast food. I eat a lot of ground beef, steak, pork chops, I always have a vegetable on the side or some sort of fruit. I eat a lot of bread which from what I hear isn't the best. This is all new to me so please feel free to comment I am open to constructive criticism.

Now as far as going to the gym and working out I just bought a gym membership 3 days ago and have not been yet. Haven't lifted weights in atleast 7 years. So maybe some tips on where I should begin would be great.

I'm sure I did this journal all wrong. But I am putting the effort in and willing to learn to do it correctly. Thank you again all I appreciate the help this is where my journey begins
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