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Approved Log Mobster - back on the grind log

love you on the podcast mobster good job on that
@ Powerhouse. Good pumping workout
Dumbbell Curls
w/up, 12.5-kilos x 12 reps, 22.5-kilos x 12 reps, 32.5-kilos x 12 reps = pumped

Tricep Pressdowns
Left elbow slightly tweaky until I'm warmed up.
7p x 12 reps , 12p x 12 reps, 15p x 10 reps - d/set 8p x 20 reps = pumped

Standing BB Wrist Curls (Flexor)
bar x 20 reps, 60-kilos x 12 reps, 90-kilos x 10 reps, 120-kilos x 6 (ugly) reps - drop set to 60-kilos x 30 reps
absolutely love what I'm seeing out of you congrats
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