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Mk 677 vs hgh

I think you should definitely add one or both to your log
especially if you're saying that you don't have enough experience with either
we've seen the blood work on both
and they both work but in their own way so definitely try them out and tell us what you think

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definitely add it to your log or start a new log where you're using them
I think it would be a great way to let others know what's going on with them
there are a few guys logging hgh right now
and I know a couple did some logs on nutrobal and other sarms before
nutrobal doesn't require mixing, pinning, storing in the fridge and all that. plus it will denature much quicker if you buy kits in bulk while nutrobal is good stored in a closet

that would be the advantage to some people

in either situation you will want to use nutrobal from umbrella and hgh from napsgear so you get the real shit
100% this
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