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I have only been lifting regular for past 4 1/2 years.
I am older now at 56.
I was getting a deep massage about twice a year for first 2 years. I didn’t think much about it cause family usually got it for me at the gym for a gift like Father’s Day. Yes they can be painful in a great way. I got a gym with lots of body builders and have an ifbb pro as my trainer this year. No I am not competing yet.
I went about last couple years with no massage cause we moved.
I started getting lots of pain it different places. I figured it was old age and pushing my self real hard.
Both of those are true facts.
However I finally went in for a massage this past week end. She dug in real hard. She said I was really knotted up and she got out what she could in this session.
Wow what a difference.
Lot move range of motion in my shoulder.
I hear folks talk about getting these regular and now I get it.
This not a relaxation thing or meditation. It is mechanical necessity.
I highly recommend making this kind of stuff part of your routine. I am going to get a membership and have more work done.
Of course it is only as good as the person doing it.
So make sure that person understands your need and expectations. Find someone that can do that style.
Y’all stay strong.
Oh ya apparently you should stretch more than I do. Working on that also.

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a massage therapist can help or hurt. it depends on how good they are

i recommend an actual licensed one, not one you get off craigslist or one that works in a spa and makes $50 per session.

also be careful about what you are using them for. if you have disc issues a massage will hurt more than help for example.
I am a licensed massage therapist as well. Did it for about 6 years before i had to stop due to my wrist injury
doing a massage at least 1 time per week is good for you
try to do massage at least 1/mo
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