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Approved Log Log EP for healing / recovery


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how are the injuries you healing up?


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04:00AM : Coffee (brewed with the filter coffee maker) around 200ml + 1 brown sugar + 1000mg Milk Thistle + 0,25MCG Anastrozole + 25MG Proviron.

05:00AM : Whey 48g (from cow's milk raised in fresh grass pastures) + 2 banana organic+ 60g oats organic
+ 6g fish oil (2400MG EPA, 1800MG DHA) + 1 x NexGen Pro Reflex (with COQ10).

11:00AM : Pasta brown(rich in fiber) 120g, cod 200g, olive oil 20g, mix legums 200g, cottage cheese 180g with mix of red fruits + 1 kiwi

01:30PM : Training Boxe SAVATE (feet and hands) reported (problem left shoulder)

03:30PM: IGF-1 LR3 Euro-Pharmaceuticals 50MCG in S-C on stomach

04:00PM : 13g BCAA's + 30G honey organic + 40ml lemone juice organic + 7g taurine

08:00PM : White hake (i'm not sure if i write well it's a white cub fish) served with a tomato sauce, zucchini, eggplant, onions, red and yellow pepper, lemon juice.

00:00AM : 600g of a liquid cheese with 7g of protein / 100G for 42g of protein (80% casein 20%whey), 5g omega3 (2000mg EPA 1500mg DHA) + 30MG ZINC + 200mg Magnesium + 500mg Milk Thistle.

Liver feel again better day after day, the internal bleeding in the left shoulder hurts less, I continue to apply cryotherapy 20mins morning / evening.
Well-being, focus, activity cognitive, congestion / pump
Tomorrow i see for legs day because i don't have the possibility to train the top of the body surely for the full week ...

I forgot the weigh-in on Monday, which was a public holiday.
I'm doing my best to gain the weight in the week or next week.

Have a blessed day and lot positive vibes
Diet is lookin solid bro


EF Logger
Hello Family <3

Sorry from 03 to today 08 I had to leave my city for a few days (not a very positive story, so we will skip the details).
I was able to take the doses of IGF-1 LR3 in a refrigerated bag with hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese and sardinia/tuna, i eating with 3 rations / days, no complement ( i take in box pill proviron 1 morning / all days)

I'm a little tired of the change of 4 train lines (big lines and city lines) here it's little late, I'm going to take a shower and try to made myself a meal (basmati rice 100g, spring rolls with prawns and vegetables, Williams pear and total milk protein 50G + 1 NexGen Pro + 30mg Zinc)

Tomorrow i try my best to going in the training,
Have a wonderul evening and sweet night !


EF Logger
@lundgren log is going really well positive vibes for you

are you planning to add the fish oil?
nice job man, keep grinding
bro looking good so far
bros good keep pushing it
keep it up strong man
log respect positive
hot log like SUPER HOT
Great update brother
Awesome update keep going and heal up 💪 💪
Thanks a lot, i try to answer for everymessage !
Have a super day, lot positive energy, and training like warior (if your train today)