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Keto: Net carbs vs. total carbs. More carbs allowed?


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I was checking out the website for the Atkin's diet and read that you only count net carbs while on the diet, not total carbs.

The reasoning behind this is that "net carbs are the carbohydrates that can be digested and processed by the body as dietary carbohydrate and therefore directly impact blood sugar. The figure for net grams of carbs subtracts grams of fiber, glycerin and sugar alcohols from total grams of carbohydrate. Net carbs are the only carbs that you need to count when you do Atkins."

That's interesting because it looks like everyone on a ketogenic diet can actually eat more carbs than they think they can as some carbs do not impact blood sugar.


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Well the FDA require sugar alcohols to be counted, I am not sure how your body uses them, but I do see Dr. A's point. It is true you can take out fibre, cuz you would digest it.

Anyone got anything on sugar Alcohol's?


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The fda decided that sugar alcohols had to be posted on nutrition facts because different people react differently to sugar alcohols.... for some.. their body will treat them just like sugar.

Personally, i have to be very carefull, most of these products will kick me out of ketosis.

For most it might not stop fat loss, but it might slow it down.

There are also many different types of "sugar alcohols" and some have more of an effect of insulin levels than others.

Its kinda a guessing game. You gotta try each item and see how your personal body deals with it.

On another note..... most sugar alcohols... if not kept under control, might keep you in the bathroom! :confused:


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Sugar alcohols such as maltitol, lactitol, sorbitol, or xylitol should be avoided like the plague on a keto diet, but glycerol will not affect ketosis. So it really depends on what you're calling a sugar alcohol. Glycerol is certainly safe to eat in moderate quantities. The others, NO. So it is correct to subtract undigestable fiber and glycerol from total carbs to get nett carbs on a keto (or any other diet).