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IPCC cites boot cleaning guide for Antarctica tour operators


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No that headline is not a joke. The IPCC cited a guide for Antarctica tour operators on decontaminating boots and clothing. Here it is.
The reference is in the Fourth Assessment Report, Working Group II, section 15.7.2 Economic activity and sustainability in the Antarctic. The claim is:
"The multiple stresses of climate change and increasing human activity on the Antarctic Peninsula represent a clear vulnerability (see Section 15.6.3), and have necessitated the implementation of stringent clothing decontamination guidelines for tourist landings on the Antarctic Peninsula (IAATO, 2005)."
This is referenced as:
IAATO, 2005: Update on boot and clothing decontamination guidelines and the introduction and detection of diseases in Antarctic wildlife: IAATO’s perspective. Paper submitted by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) XXVIII. IAATO, 10 pp. International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators: Information Papers.
So the IPCC cites a boot and clothing cleaning guide as evidence that the "multiple stresses of climate change...have necessitated the implementation of stringent clothing decontamination guidelines". That might be laughable in and of itself, but the problem is the article doesn't even mention climate change. Once. Nothing at all about global warming, or temperature increase. Nothing!
I can't think of a citation any more pathetic. Read the report, and tell me if you can find anything. This is definitely going on the list of the IPCC's questionable citations.

The news that the IPCC cited a master's student's dissertation caused quite a stir. However, this citation wasn't alone in the IPCC's AR4. There are nine citations of Master's theses altogether, and two of those weren't even published. There were also thirty-one PHD theses or dissertations, one of which was unpublished, and three of which are from the University of East Anglia. The Masters citations have been added to the IPCC's questionable citations list. Here is the list below: Working Group I:

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