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  • Eliteandy. Would you have any knowledge of DBOL? if so, would you mind helping me with a few questions? Thanks Bro. Austown
    Isa is sleeping still, fucking circadian rhythms are set to mid west now...
    Yeah I'm fucking around provigil'd up, have gotten around 6 hours of sleep in 3days. So not good,, I love the profile pic...
    I'm straight up a glutes guy. Of course face and symmetry come into play, but if we are going off shallow, darwinistic evoloutionary aesthetic appeal... face> Glutes> Legs> Boobs.
    You rawk bro... I'm in San Jose, with a possible future S O, she's still asleep, and I could not resist temptation...
    Thanx... U are consistently on pont. I'm using that from now on. Not much of a breast man though, just need a handful.LOL
    lol I do prefer the puppies but i hope you know i wasnt saying you had to change your pic, I was just making an observation haha
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