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I’m cruising on test, but looking to blast now

cruising you still should cycle it. so if you cruise 12 weeks, then blast for 10 weeks. that works good

check out para pharma. they have top quality gear
there's absolutely no reason whatsoever to "jack it up" at all... let the other compounds shine and use test as the backbone of the cycle.. watch my video on the mythical "500 mg dose" of testosterone

I’m 35 years old
Looking to possibly compete in the near future. Currently 8% body fat and 175 pounds sliced
Cruising on 150mgs a week of testosterone enanthate, been doing this since my last 16 week cycle i did a year ago
Now i’m looking to do a blast and gonna hit primobolan, trenbolone and more testosterone
Question is should i keep my test at just 200 or 250? Or should i jack that up along with the primo and tren/
How would you play this?
Why would you use primo and tren together? Pick one.
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