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how to truly recomp using cardarine gw and ostarine

at your size i would suggest more exercise
look, I’m not about to beat around the bush. I’m not a skinny dude, in fact I am overweight.
Currently around 330 pounds and 5’11’’. but I am STRONG.
I don’t want to become a skinny in the closet gayboy beta like Dylan, but at the same time I don’t want to stay fat either.
So here is my hypothesis and tell me if this works good.
Ostarine 25mgs a day
gw cardarine 50mgs a day
12 weeks then pct.
Would this help me burn fat?
Play nicely and you'll get more help
In your health situation, you need to cut desperately, not recomp. And not sure why the hate for Dylan. He has been putting information out there for FREE through many different medias for years. Dude has a heart of gold and just wants to help people. Plus, he actually looks amazing.
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