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How to stack winstrol with anavar as a female

n2guard a must but dont go above 5mgs on orals
Considering Anavar comes in a tiny 10 mg tab at the smallest I have found it is impossible to pill cut it down to 2.5 mg of Anavar without the pill turning to dust. For this reason I recommend doing a single 5 mg dose about an hour before workout for the first week or two. As long as you are not experiencing any side effects then you can jump up to two doses about 12 hours apart of 5 mg each. This should keep the amount in your system fairly steady throughout the day and night. As long as you keep a good diet at this dose for your intended purpose you should see good results. First cycle should last no longer than 8 weeks then 8 weeks off.

As far as the winstrol goes I don't have any personal experience with it and none of those I have trained with have tried it. I personally lean more towards Primo if a woman is looking for a second compound. Most choose not to go to Primo mainly because it involves having to pin regularly, but it really isn't that bad after your first couple you get used to it. If it wasn't so hard to get ahold of the injectable version of Anavar I would probably recommend it as well as the half life of the injectable version is a lot longer than the oral which results in having it in your system at a more even amount throughout the cycle.

Make sure you always test any Anavar, Primobolan, or winstrol you take to make sure it is legit regardless of supplier.
What is gonna be your advice when it comes to using both winstrol and anavar together?
Was thinking about doing 5mgs of each.
That would be 10mgs total together
12 weeks or is that too long?
My goal is cutting down and getting stronger
Currently 5’5’’ 132 pounds and benching 100 pounds.
I would go 5mg of each and take N2Guard for sure
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