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How to dose tren with an oral

with tren start with something mild
Everyone will have a different opinion and it also depends on the goal you have, but just on the surface, i would go with anavar
Was wondering what you would recommend for me if i want to properly stack tren with an oral
So i’ve got several orals i am interested in using with tren
My plan is using tren ace and doing 8 weeks
Using an oral for atleast 5 weeks there
I have a choice between dianabol, turinabol, or anavar. Which one would you recommend and what dosing on either?
I’m on my 5th cycle and i’m 32 years old. 189 pounds and 5’9’’
bro I would add some test with tren. atleast 300mg run with dbol if you bulking go anavar if you are cutting and your bf% under 12%
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