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how about TRT + tren?

Wanted to do a simple cycle using TRT + some trenbolone on top of it
my TRT dose is 150mgs a week of test E. then I plan on blasting tren E for 12 weeks before dropping back to TRT levels again
2 questions:
1. will my doctor know what I’m doing and what are the red flags he would be looking for in blood work
2. how much tren should I blast?
I’m trying for strength and mass. I’m 5’6’’ and 155 pounds and 45
blood work going to go crazy he def gonna know and 12 weeks of tren e and you will have your whole panel destroyed trust me. That tren will take another 6 weeks to clear system min. now you pushing 20 weeks of Tren sides
I am not currently on cycle but am interested in running Test / EQ or possibly Tri Tren or Tren E in the upcoming months.
Proviron, OnGuard and 7-8grams of Omega 3 would be essential, what other ancillaries apart from caber and Aromasin?
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