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Get the best out of your diet,Eat food you like,Reach new goals, and more with Anabolic kitchen the fastest selling ef book of all time.


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Get the best out of your diet,Eat food you like,Reach new goals, and more with Anabol

Every serious bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast is well aware that
diet plays a major role in any serious fitness program. We all
know we need food to live, but how often do we eat food that makes
us feel alive?

Serious fitness people go thru the expense and trouble of
purchasing ready-made, so called “healthy food” in order to keep to
their diet programs. But these packed meals come at a high ticket
price, awful taste, as well as added chemicals and preservatives to
extend their shelf-life. The stale taste, monetary expense and
chemistry could all be avoided if only you knew how to prepare your
own healthy and tasty meals. Not only for yourself, but for your
loved ones who are in need of good, healthy eating.

A good cook is always welcomed into any social setting or living
arrangement. Whether it be roommates or love mates, good food
preparation is an asset in any relationship. A recent poll of members ranked “Good Cook” in the top five
qualities sought after in a desirable mate, just below “Great
Physique” and “Intelligence”. Both Male Bodybuilders and Fitness
Chicks appreciate someone who can make magic happen in the kitchen.
Cooking is a basic life skill. A skill so important for
survival, that it predates restaurants, take-out and delivery.
Every hunter, fishermen and gatherer knew how to prepare and cook
his/her foods for consumption. It wasn’t until recent years that
we as people have lost this vital skill and turned over our diets
along with our bodies to the food science industry who is more
concerned about shelf-life and profit, than health and taste.

Now many bodybuilders may feel that cooking is beyond their grasp.
Sure, you might have mastered other more complex parts of life. But
cooking still seems like an abstract concept better left to the
ever-growing microwaveable food industry. Well I’m here to tell
you that cooking or better yet CULINARY MASTERY is within your
grasp. As easy as grabbing a dumbbell or reading these words, you
too can learn how to prepare mouth watering tasty meals in just
minutes of your day. Better than just good tasting and chemical-
free, you will be able to cook healthy hearty meals that will not
only save you money, fill your tummy, but also fulfill your fitness
goals and impresses any other person lucky enough to have a bite.
Whether it is family a significant other or maybe the in-laws.

Now you may wonder, how can you, somebody who’s never turned on a
stove learn how to cook? Well, it’s simple really. A lot easier
than you might expect…

Because there is one simple truth that has been known through the
ages. If you can read, you can cook… Yes, it is that simple. If
you can read this document in front of you now, you are only hours
away from culinary mastery.

And if you are reading this, then you are at least interested if
not fully dedicated to improving your physique, switching to a
healthy lifestyle, or breaking into that next level of athleticism.
You are probably also looking for some help in your path to a
faster, stronger, better looking and healthier version of you.
You are trying to be the best YOU that you can be.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been working your
body for years. I know you’ve heard the sayings and been told by
other bodybuilders. “Diet is key” , “diet and training are the
building blocks”, “diet this”, “diet that”, “diet, diet, diet”.
But you come to Elite Fitness for cutting edge underground info, so
there is no need for me to tell you again how diet plays a vital
role in your physical development. So I won’t.

But just knowing that diet above all else, is the #1 factor in
reaching our goals wont answers all your questions. In fact, it
might just create more questions... Because no matter if you are
just starting out, or have been working towards your goals for
years. The problems we all face when it comes to diet are common to
us all. Knowing what to eat, sticking with it, boring foods, no
time, not enough money, conflicting friends and family’s life
styles, forgetful thinking, lack of enthusiasm, and many other

There is a reason why so many of us are stuck having these problems
with our diet. For most of us, it’s not for lack of knowledge about
what is good to eat and what is not. Its about the resistance of
submitting ourselves to a awful diet of tasteless meals. We have
all heard that ridiculous statement “eat for fuel not for
pleasure”. I am here to tell you that statement is a load of
crap, and it’s not helping anyone. In fact, eating for health with
complete disregard for taste has become one of the single most
destructive ideas ever imagined. For most of us its just one more
stumbling block added to the list of long challenges along our way
to the body of our dreams.

It is because of these reasons I am writing to you today. These
problems you are faced with and many more all have solutions, and
they can all be solved by learning one simple and basic life skill:

In this fast paced world we live into today, Cooking is a life
skill that has been swept under the rug for years. Fathers and
mothers no longer teach their children how to prepare their own
foods. People no longer want to take the time to learn to make and
take pride in a meal they prepared themselves. Life has become so
fast paced that we look for ready-made meals in a pack.
After all, we live in a “have it your way” world. We get our food
from boxes, bags, freezer packs, fast food joints, cans, tubes, and
off the shelves at convenience stores, shrink wrapped, vacuum
sealed and ready to go. Even our so called “healthy meals” come
ready made and microwaveable, with all that you need for a “low
calorie” meal. As an added bonus, boxed meals are spiked with
latest technological breakthroughs in preservatives and chemicals,
so that the little box of frozen food can survive years in storage,
until you buy and eat it. All in the name of health right?

It’s no wonder when we come a point in our lives when we realize
the need to live a better healthier lifesyle, we haven’t a clue
where to start. No wonder we are faced with all these health
epidemics today, we are fatter than our grandparents where at our
age and our kids will be even worst off.

Reaching fitness goals, living healthy lives, breaking through to
the next level takes life changes, and that means learning new life
skills or getting better and more efficient at already acquired
life skills.

Trying to make you feel better about eating boring food, by coming
up with catch phrases and slogans like “eat for fuel and not for
pleasure” or “Eat to live, don’t live to eat” are not the answer.
They may get some people to become complacent and help for a short
time, but in the end they are part of the problem and discourage
many folks from following thru with their goals.

The key to your next break through is in Cooking, one of the most
important life skills you will ever learn, and the key to learning
or advancing this life skill is in “The Anabolic Kitchen”…

“The Anabolic Kitchen” will teach you step by step how to cook
tasty meals for your goals no matter what they may be. You will
learn every aspect of cooking for healthy living, obtaining
physical goals, and reaching new heights in athletic achievements.

First you’ll learn basics of cooking as a life skill and you’ll
gain a foundation on which to build you culinary mastery. By
simplifying the art of cooking it will help you better understand
just how easy it really is and how even you can master the art in a
few short minutes.

Over the course of each lesson and chapter you will learn
everything you will ever need to know about how to save time, save
money, cook healthy, and enjoy every bite of everything you

With over 300 healthy recipes and a growing library of monthly
updates, you will never be bored with your diet again and you will
impress anybody who happens to be lucky enough to be served a
Chuck full of tips, hints, trade secrets, and basic instructions,
Anabolic Kitchen will take you from a non-cook to a master chef in
no time, and keep you entertained along the way.

Life long diet problems will be solved, age old questions will be
answered all right before your eyes. You will see your stumbling
blocks turn into mouth watering taste tantalizing delights of tasty
pleasure. Cooked by non-other than yourself with your own two
hands. Each and every dish healthier than the next. You will
become better, faster, and more confident with every new culinary
skill. All made so simple and so easy even if you have never boiled
water, you could learn.

The Anabolic Kitchen is laid out in a step-by-step lesson plan with
8 start up chapters and over 300 recipes that are sure to turn you
into the Healthy Chef you never thought you could be. As part of
your continued learning program, every month a new chapter will be
added for FREE. Each new chapter will bring you more tips, more
recipes, more new and existing weapons for your culinary arsenal.
Ever ascalating you level by level into a master chef of healthy
eating, drop kicking your goals every step of the way.

Don’t wait a second longer or spend another dollar on somebody
else’s idea of a healthy meal, instead get started today learning
how to make your own mouth-watering healthy meals that fulfill your
needs or impress any crowd at your table.

What is contained in this eBook:

-Basic cooking for starters: How to read a recipe, Types of cooking
methods, Cutting methods, Common cooking words & terminology. All
you need to know to get cooking TODAY in one short and
comprehensive chapter.

- The Money Savers: Proper use of your freezer and fridge. Proper
food storage for freezer & fridge. Preventing food spoiling.
Preventing cross contamination. Common foods fridge and freezer
shelf life chart, Basic dry goods storage, Food specific storing
tips, Money saving tips!

- Weeks worth of healthy meals in 5 hours, complete with Shopping
List and Full step-by-step directions on bringing recipes together
in 5 hours or less!

-Make your own protein bars: Step-by-step guide to making and
storing your own protein bars at a fraction of the cost of packaged
bars. Better tasting and cheaper than buying them at the store, or

-Fitness Breakfast recipes: All of the best breakfast recipes fit
for a healthy lifestyle.

- 300 tasty mouth-watering healthy recipes all at your fingertips.
After reading the introductory chapter, you will be able to succeed
at making many recipes.

Here is what Elite Fitness Members had to say about this eBook:

partagus said:
This is heads up thinking. With the way the economy
is now, noone wants to waste cash on frivelous things.

I pre-ordered the book and couldn't wait for it to come out.

Bro, this is an amazing cookbook! There are so many fantastic
recipes in this book, you will be amazed! The recipes are healthy,
most are very easy, and, this is th ebest part, it is all food you
are either eating now or would eat! I hate when you get a cookbook
and there are a bunch of recipes that have things you have never
heard of in it. This is not the case with Needtoo's book.

Buy the book. You'll be happy you did. I was.
rudy76 said:
If you haven't heard already - Needto's book "In The
Fitness Kitchen" is f'in awesome. It's worth the $49.99 just for
the bar and shake recipes but there's loads more of good recipes.
You'll save $$, eat healthy, eat well and get big.

I didn't hesitate a minute when I bought my copy - AND I DIDN"T
sugashane said:
The food is easy to make and tastes fantastic. Its
a great deal and the food is SIMPLE. It even defines all the terms
that you need to know. Prep time takes a while at first, but keeps
taking less and less time.
Don't worry about the K with me guys, Needto hooked me up with the
book, thats plenty.
bigwavesurfer said:
I just bought the book last week. I friggen
love the book and been cooking like a mad man. Tastey, healthy,
muscle building recipes! Whats better than that? Buy the damn
eddymerckx said:
just tried the homemade choc dipped energy bar---
no more store bought bars for me---no, i am not kidding---Needto,
the dude can cook:Chef:
centy said:
Oh hai

I bought a copy. Wasn't expecting much, but Need2's a good bro and
I figured I'd support him. (Lawl - I was thinking it would be like
30 protein shake recipies etc.)

Holyshit - What a surprise. There are prob like 300 recipes in
here. I can't wait to try some of these out. No more bland
chicken breasts for me.

Highly recommend. Thanks Need2

SouthernLord said:
All I can say is WOW!!! I just read the first
three chapters and I have learned so much in 20 minutes about
cooking that I feel I could cook anything. This is book beyond my
expectations and I am very pleased. Good job Needto. Karma to
eddymerckx said:
I just spent a bit going through it and
it is made for people like me that want to eat healthy but lack the
basics to make it through your typical cookbook.

hats off to you you my friend :Chef: --a great collection and
indeed worth every penny :RADAR <--eddy in about 30
hesnobradpitt said:
Yes is great needto some real differences from
the norm old cook book ,from what i've read its going to make
cooking and eating much easyer for me .

Thanks for the effort in producing such a great book .

SLAYER69! said:
I like the part up front that goes into cooking
terms and storage of food. I've already learned that we (my wife
and I) don't really store the food properly. I'm looking forward
to hitting the recipes now. I always liked to cook but my wife
usually won't let me near the kitchen since I make a mess. Fine
with me, let her do all the work :evil:

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Looks great needto! Sucks I have a phone for a computer! lol.
I just made chicen and risotto; it's healty and tastes amazing!! I cook all the time and prefer it over premade shyt. Cooking is easy once you get into it. I would love to read your book tho!
Maybe u can print out a copy and I can come by to pick it up! lol how much for it btw?

Edit; TIP! - water with some lemon juice and sea salt tastes just like gatorade!!!
Re: Get the best out of your diet,Eat food you like,Reach new goals, and more with An

sweed said:
Looks great needto! Sucks I have a phone for a computer! lol.
I just made chicen and risotto; it's healty and tastes amazing!! I cook all the time and prefer it over premade shyt. Cooking is easy once you get into it. I would love to read your book tho!
Maybe u can print out a copy and I can come by to pick it up! lol how much for it btw?
Right now 49.99. I will have links posted on where to buy it soon. Right now people have to pm ef frank to get it. It will be up in the ef book store in a week or to, but its still ready for down load for any one that wants to buy it from ef frank or me. Fastest selling e-book of ef right now. :) :)
and he had to use me as the model on the cover................

on another note---get the book+25000k from eddy
Great resource for anybody serious about their diet.

Learning how to cook can reduced your food bill by 75% each month.
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