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    Help please

    Hello to whoever comes across this post. I am desperately trying to find a good place to get oxandrolone and cardarine. I've looked on but I'll be honest anything that asks for payments in that form just seems sketchy. Any advice ?
  2. M

    Steroids/sarms that are okay for females

    I'm 5 ft 3 in and I'm 140 lb I'm looking to get stronger and also put on some lean muscle mass. as a female I don't want to get any negative side effects that could be permanent that is what I'm worried about can you give me a list of anabolic steroids or sarms that are safe for me to take
  3. L

    How hard can females lift on steroids?

    I had a question about how hard a female can lift weights while on anabolic steroids I'm going to be using Winstrol at 10 mg a day I'm currently 5 ft 4 130lb. I'm currently only lifting 3 or 4 times a week. If I went on this steroid would I be able to lift more often and get better results or...
  4. JimAbs43 444 Bodybuilding myths busted, does the anabolic window exist? 444 Bodybuilding myths busted, does the anabolic window exist?
  5. U

    anyone use halotestin?

    I’m interested in using halotestin, heard this stuff is really stronger than any other steroids. It is like 1000X more anabolic than straight test right? Would using 50mg a day be equivalent of using like 5000mg of testosterone or is that not how this works? I’m not gonna use that much just...
  6. F

    Female cutting stack

    I'm a personal trainer and practically live at the gym both working out and training people. I don't know much about using anabolic steroids though. What kind of advice would you give me when it comes to running them for the first time. How do I order them and what should I run to cut down
  7. P

    Proper milk thistle dose

    I am a recovering alcoholic and plan on running anabolic steroids in the next few months. I heard they're very bad for the liver and my doctor said that I've had a strain liver for years. He recommended I take some supplements and milk thistle was one of the ones. How much of this stuff do I...
  8. D

    Adding more weight to my lifts as a female

    I am five foot two and 115 lb. I have lost some weight over the past year and have dropped around 12 to 15 pounds. I've also lost strength in the process which was expected in okay. Looking to use anabolic steroids to help gain back some strength but not getting back to fat. Can you give me a...
  9. D

    Stacking Sarms with Boldenone undecylenate

    Is it fine to stack a Sarm with Equipose(Boldenone undecylenate)? If so would it be beneficial and what would be an ideal Sarm to stack with it?
  10. D

    Do protein requirements change on cycle

    I had a question about protein intake in using anabolic steroids. Is there a difference between running anabolic steroids and protein intake should your protein intake go up when you're on antibiotics steroids to build more muscle. A friend of mine knew a pro bodybuilder and said that you're...
  11. M

    Need Help on Anabolic steriods for Women

    I havent used these before but that doesnt mean that I shouldnt or that they are not for me. I would like to get peoples advice on brands on anavar 10 and clenduterol. I am having difficulties finding the real one for sale without there being some sort of disclaimer of if customs seize the...
  12. P


    I'm new to cycles. I'm not going to start it until I know what I'm doing and everything. My friend gave me Xtreme DMZ. I have some questions. Can I just take one a day and still make substantial gains? And also what do I need to take during and after my cycle?
  13. A

    Can i Keep my Gains of AAS if i haven't reached my natty peek

    So i am new to this... So here we go This is my first cycle , ive been training for 2 years now, i am 21 and i have gained 30 pounds of lean muscle since i started training, my weight before cycle was 152 now i am 160, height is 5' 9. my Goal is to compete in Mens physic in next year or soon...
  14. M

    What products do you use for mass building?

    Hi all. What products do you use for mass building? I’ve tried Pharmamix 1 by PharmacomLabs from this shop www. i-steroid. com (need to remove spaces) It’s the best shop of this category. Quick delivery and good quality is an advantage. Share your experience.
  15. T

    anabolic steroids and cheat meals

    Of my 12 week prep, 8 weeks from competition i began 50mg anavar, 50mg winstrol, 25mg proviron, 50mg levothyroxine (all once a day), and 1cc tren ace (every 3 days). The tren was dropped for the remaining 6 weeks of the prep. my calories were lower than ever before for this prep, and i had many...
  16. H

    Anavar Only or With Test.

    Hello Everyone. Stats : Age 30, 5'10" 178 lbs Bfat 23% give ir take. I have been working out @ gym past 2 years, have gained some muscles. On shoulders and well shaped arms. Though my chest and belly area has never been up to my exp. Chest look in shape when pumped up. And not so clean or...
  17. O

    Drinking before first cycle

    Hi all My first post here. Am 33yo, 84kg, 5ft8 and train regularly 4 to 5 times week lifting, boxing, sprint training mainly. Am about to start my first cycle ever of just test 250mg a week Concern is that I am a regular drinker (approx 3-4 beers per night) and although stopping while on the...
  18. R

    Test E and Deca cycle

    Hey guys just need some advice, this is my second cycle. My first cycle was a test p cycle. 100 eod. Had great results. So here's my layout for my second cycle. Weeks 1-10 Test e 500 mg a week Deca 250 mg a week I need help on an AI what should I use and how much? Pct Weeks 12-15 AI? Clomid...
  19. 0

    anavar and prop or anavar and test e

    hey how it going in a few months time i will be doing my third cycle. it will be anavar and test prop unless yous can give me a better alternative. i have done some research and was wondering what you guys think about the dosage i should use and how long to run it for. my goal will be too gain...
  20. A

    Test, Tren, Winny?!

    Hey everyone! I'm completely new to the forum but been looking around for a while. I'm about to start my 3rd cycle and I wanted some feedback before I get this underway. First off. I'm about to be 23 in July. I weigh 209 @ 10%. Been lifting for the past 5 years right when I got outta high...
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