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Gaining more weight with steroids?

please don't abuse steroids like this
I’m looking to gain weight on my next steroid stack
I’m 25 years old. 5’10’’ and 155 pounds, and very lean
I spent the past 5 years mostly doing cardio, not doing much in the way of weight training but started 2 weeks ago
My steroid stack looks like this so far:
1000mgs of trenbolone enanthate
500mgs of testosterone propionate
500mgs of equipoise
100mgs of anadrol per day
This will be a 12 week cycle. Its pricey but i am serious here
This is pure abuse and totally out of are 155lbs what are you even thinking....You can grow on 10% of that gear!!! SMH
Well its your funeral.

Honestly, even if you could safely take that much gear, you currently can not eat enough good food to keep up with the anabolic effects you will be having. You could very well end up doing exactly the opposite of what you are trying to do. Something people don't mention a lot of is the energy has to match the gear. If the energy doesn't match the gear all kinds of stupid stuff happens including weight loss.

We understand your a scrawny pip squeak that is tired of being picked on, but honestly right now if you just did 300-400 mg of test and started eating a surplus you would start seeing the size you want. Remember everything has to grow together.
1g of tren my man you are taking the ruin your life aspect of tren way literall.
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