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First job as fitness trainer. How to begin with the new client

i'm a bit confused on this one because THEY should be the one asking YOU questions. not you asking them questions

i always start out my consulations with 'how can i help you?' the client should envision their goals and you should help them achieve that.

you should also get some stats on paper especially weight, body fat, etc. so they can see their progress
Yes I agree with you, good advice
I'm certified. But honestly, they didn't teach us shit how to work with clients.
bro trainers most gyms just sales people. all about signing peeps up and making $$$. my son hire young for PT. owner at gym walk up to him and point at him and tell him he gonna work for him, son took job cause got record only job he can get. that all my son did stand outside no shirt and sign people up

yo want to help peeps do what steve, mobster and other on here do and make podcast and shit. that help lots of peeps
You need to know what their goals are and be able to explain clearly how you can get them to achieve what they are wanting
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