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First Cycle review/proofread, Newb reading material.


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I am making this post for 2 reasons - To have a few vets proofread my cycle, and maybe give a few newbies something to read.

Disclaimer: You can and should do your own research and only ask questions after you have spent one full day looking through posts, articles, clinical trials videos, and more posts, ... IF after 1 full day of looking to answer to a question you have, then and only then should you…… ask yourself, why hasn’t this question been asked before. If, now you feel stupid, well hey! atleast it was at your own expense and no one else knows, but if you still think it is a legitimate question and you cannot find the answer then you may post a question on one of the many forums and try to get an answer.

Note: I have never known anyone who has taken AAS, nor have I ever spoken to anyone about AAS, nor have I myself EVER taken a single AAS. So all of the info to follow is of my own creation after many,…many weeks of reading and researching the subject of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids.

ALSO, every bit of information was obtained without posting a SINGLE question to any forum. Anything in this write up is ONLY an invitation for you to know what to search for, when doing your OWN research.

I’ll start with what I have created as MY planned cycle:

Week 1-10
300mg Test E
250 I.U. HCG
0.5mg Arimidex

0.5mg Arimidex

300mg Test E
250 I.U. HCG

0.5mg Arimidex

0.5mg Arimidex

Week 11-12
1000 I.U. HCG

1000 I.U. HCG

Week 13-14
Monday- Sunday-
40mg Nolva (2)
50mg Clomid (1)

Week 15-16
Monday- Sunday-
20mg Nolva (1)
50mg Clomid (1)

Total Drugs needed for cycle:

Test Enanthate – 20ml @ 300mg/ml
Arimidex– 40mg @ 1mg/ml
HCG - 9000 I.U. @ 1000 I.U./ml
Nolva- 42 Caps @ 20mg/Cap
Clomid- 28 Caps @ 50mg/Cap

I have extra Nolva, Clomid, Arimidex, and HCG on hand, I also have Amoxicillin and Viagra. Just in case.

Quickly, I will add my stats as I know that will be the first question posed to me by the vets.

Age: 25
Weight: 175
Height: 5’ 6”

BF: ~13% - Ive used many diff methods to test this, I feel the mirror is the best option short of a Dexa scan. So in other words, Im guessing.

Diet: Clean. Not perfect, but very clean. Currently shooting for 200g of protein/day, will up that when on cycle. Try to keep carbs up but VERY clean(i.e. little to no sugars), and I get my healthy fats in. All my meals involve, Tuna (filets or can) Tilapia, Chicken breast, Steak occasionally.

Training history: Military for 4 years, so I was “in shape” but not lifting religiously, then after that I took a year off from almost all training, and have been hard at it since. (The last 2 years)
This is the 1 criteria I don’t “fit” for most vets to approve a cycle. I have not been lifting weights for 5 years straight, nor have I reached my “genetic potential”. I understand this, but I feel the amount of time it would take to reach genetic potential is very debatable and would rule out AAS for a lot longer than 5 years.

Vets stop here if you would like, unless you want to know why i did something in particular.. lol.

Explanations for my choices, ranting, rambling to follow.
(Writing this helped me review my own cycle and double check my own choices)

Test E for first cycle
There’s no definite answer because you cannot go through your first cycle twice, but most all experienced/vets of AAS will tell you that Test should be the base of any and all AAS cycle therefore any “newb” should start there. and (only there) For your first cycle you should keep things SIMPLE! For a lot of reasons, to name a few: If you have adverse effects/sides and you’re taking multiple compounds you will not know which compound is giving you the sides. Therefore you have gained no knowledge going forward. Not to mention researching ONE compound, for one cycle has taken me over a month to do, so I can understand why you “vets” keep telling us “newbs”, test is best. Start there and add other compounds on future cycles.
I went with Test E 300 Mg/Ml, a few reasons for this. 500 mg/ week is a HIGHLY recommended starting point. So to compensate for underdosed gear or gear loss in syringe or any other reason I went with Test e 300 dosed 2x weekly puts me at 600 mgs of test per week,… in a perfect world. If you calculate a 10% loss from underground gear or gear loss you are at 540mgs/ week. So all that plus the best source I found only carried test e 300 and 500.

Aromatization is the process by which the body converts anabolic steroids and/or testosterone into estrogen.

All of that means that you have to take an Aromatase Inhibitor- AI. Arimidex is commonly thrown around as the best at what it is asked to do so I will be using Liquid Arimidex (liquidex) dosing at .5mg every other day (EOD).

HCG on cycle.
There are many “new” reasons why to use HCG while on v.s. using for PCT. If you have questions as to why, the short version is… instead of letting your testies dystrophy and quit producing endogenous test then rehabilitating them back to full function during PCT, The use of HCG mimics LH and convinces your boys to keep on working instead of laying down cause there is some new test in town. If you want more info than that… Google.
This is what I have decided to do: 250 i.u. 2x weekly. It will be pinned separate from my test but at the same time on the same day. The only reason I say separate is because I have seen multiple times people suggesting to just “Simply add” the HCG to your test shot. While this may be something a vet may do I think it sounds like a bad idea for someone new, so I will stick with using a whole diff syringe.

Test E fully clear before SERMs/PCT
Wednesday on Week 10 to Monday of Week 13, gives me 18 days from last Test E pin to start of SERMs/PCT. To be sure enough exogenous Test has cleared from my system to begin restoration of endogenous test. Given the active life of Enanthate is one of the most misunderstood things by “newbs”, and just accept to start PCT 2-3 weeks after last pin, without questioning why. So needless to say I’ve done my reading and I have decided to build this cycle with an 18 day spread. On the day of my last injection, I should be around 1000 mg of Test, and it starts dropping at about 100 mg per day, but at a declining rate, i.e. Day 1 after last pin -100 day 2, -92 ect. So at day 18 I’m calculating I’ll be around 150 mg of test, which ( I think) should be good spot to start SERMs, since my PCT is 28 days long and at 46 days after my last pin, my exogenous Test levels should be under 10mg.

HCG Break
Wednesday on Week 10 to Tuesday on Week 11, 6 day break from any HCG, to attempt to prevent leydig cell desensitization. In all my reading I’ve read vastly different opinions on proper protocol for HCG. One of the more sensible posts suggested a 1 week break if taking HCG for longer than 10 weeks. So, even though 250 I.U. 2x weekly shouldn’t be enough to desensitize, I thought building the cycle with a small break couldn’t hurt and may help, albeit even a little.

HCG Blast to PCT
Again HCG protocol can vary greatly from source to source but in all my research/reading I’ve decided that 2000 I.U./week (in 2 pins 3 days apart) for 2 weeks leading up to PCT is a good option. Also, Friday on Week 12 to Monday week 13 gives me 3 days between last HCG pin and start of SERMs, a commonly accepted time of delay from HCG before beginning PCT.

PCT – If you read nothing else in this post READ THIS! plz
Post Cycle Therapy- if you do not FULLY understand what this is and are considering any type of AAS I suggest you hit the Google machine .. and hard. Skip a workout if you have to. This is the most important thing to learn about AAS .. imho.. I have heard FOREVER, “if you take steroids, any and all muscle you gain while on steroids will disappear once you stop taking the steroids” Now that statement is TRUE. Period. End of discussion. It is a waste of time, energy, workouts, a few hundred bucks on gear, syringes, supps, ect ect.. IF you do not know what PCT is and how to properly do it. The reason the above statement is true is because uneducated people who take steroids then just stop and see their gains fade away, is because of the suppression of natural test while on cycle. If you just stop without PCT your natural test takes a long time to rehabilitate itself. Now, while your body is fixing itself trying to get your production back you have no test to build new muscle or even maintain the muscle you have gained while on cycle. So, do you research NEWBS!!! If you want to gain anything and keep it, maintain your health after you jump into AAS, and not be on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for the rest of your life, I suggest you think and read, long and hard before you make a single gear purchase or IM pin.

EDIT: For good reasons source info cannot be shared via forums. Trust me I know, newbies, this makes for a hard time trying to find where to get the "gear". But I am telling you I found a few, local to the US, sources that treated me good, with good communication, fast and discreet shipping, all with no more information than you, Good sources are hard to find but keep looking. Google everything you find as a source and read reviews .. thats all I can really say.

If I could I would give you hints but for fear of getting this VERY long winded post deleted I wont.

Cheers and happy growing!
Thanks in advance to any and all vets who want to critique or even read my cycle.

Good to see somebody doing their research before jumping into their first cycle. Everything looks good except a couple recommendations I have....

Run N2guard and HCGenerate on cycle to protect your health and minimize shutdown.

Add in a great test booster to PCT. Test stack is the best choice (banner and discounts in my signature). Phytoserms and Test Infusion are also acceptable great options
Good to see somebody doing their research before jumping into their first cycle. Everything looks good except a couple recommendations I have....

Run N2guard and HCGenerate on cycle to protect your health and minimize shutdown.

Add in a great test booster to PCT. Test stack is the best choice (banner and discounts in my signature). Phytoserms and Test Infusion are also acceptable great options

Thx for the reply. I will so some more research on the hcgenerate, and go from there. As it stands looks like it couldn't hurt to run with hcg.

Any more thoughts vets?
Anyone? Thoughts on the first cycle.

I see I'm not getting flamed so that's a plus but any thumbs up/down at least?
Nice to see a single AAS first cycle. Very smart. Your body will really respond. So many people want to add orals and other compounds. Plus, you will know how you respond to test e. If you adding other AAS's and had issues you wouldn't know which one cause it.

Good luck!
There are conflicting viewpoints on it, but I don't favor HCG from the start of a cycle. I prefer 3/4 of the way through to begin HCG. I don't really get dramatically affected by atrophy, after your first cycle you will see how it affects you. I do like a big blast before pct.
That's a nice first go there! The only thing I would recommend is running the test 12weeks which you'll probably wanna do after about 8 weeks on and running the HCG the last 4-6 weeks of cycle at 1000ius a week stopping the same week you go off the test and then starting your PCT two weeks after the last test injection of test. You don't wanna run HCG in PCT. I also like two do the split injections of 500ius one whole day before a test injection.
Thx for all the replays fellas.

I understand that there can be different "opinions" about certain things but at least I know I'm not doing anything too far off from a generally good first cycle.
I advise against running hcg from day one simply because you don't need to and its a waste of hcg. Instead I suggest running hcgenerate about 6 weeks in to keep your balls plump and then blasting hcg before pct. I also suggest adding a test booster into pct to speed recovery.
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