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female bulking stack

2.5 mg of Anavar isn't worth it, you just end up replacing your natural testosterone with synthetic from Anavar.

My wife is on 10 mg of anavar a day, take in two doses of 5 mg approximately 12 hours apart. Has been going for 4 weeks with no side effects. Her bench has went up 15% and put her at a life time PR at age 51. Results for deadlift and Squats are even looking better! Yes, she controls her diet closely and is working out 5 times a week.

Still waiting for the actual human trials that tell me SARMs are safer than actual steroids when used responsibly that have been FDA approved. Yes I started with SARMs, but based on cost and lack of research decided steroids are cheaper and actually have been tested on humans in controlled experiments.
I wouldn't start steroids this young, especially as a female. You really don't need anything like steroids to gain unless you are competing. In that case, the others will be on gear so I get it.