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  1. DaleMuscle

    Approved Log My Mass Stack Trenbolone, Tbol, Anadrol Log

    First of all, I want to apologize for not sharing my log journal. In reality, I didn't know about the log until I posted my cycle, and when I tried to really get my log journal up, I was surprised by someone here in the forum who tried to make fun of someone coming to the forum for the first...
  2. DaleMuscle

    Nipple Soreness! Should I Pause?

    I started this cycle 17 days ago with Tren 100mg twice a week, Turinabol 25mg per day, and Anadrol 50mg per day. I've already started feeling some soreness in my nipples for about 3 days now. I have some letrozole handy. I was planning on running Anadrol for 5 weeks and keeping Tren and...
  3. W

    Gyno and only exe

    Hey guys I think I’m developing gynecomastia; there’s a small lump under my right nipple, smaller than a cherry pit. I’ve been on 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week for 5 months, and I only have exemestane on hand. I’ve taken 25mg for the past 3 days and plan to continue with 25mg every 3...
  4. B

    Can you develop gyno from my diet?

    I have been learning about gynecomastia because I think I have it. it started with itchy nipples and then it gradually progressed to now I have a lump that's about a penny size under my left nipple I was wondering me being 21 years old if this has something to do with my diet which has changed a...
  5. themuscle98

    How long for Nolvadex to kick in?

    What’s up fellas! Kind of an urgent situation I am 4 weeks out of my show today, and I’ve recently developed gyno the past couple of weeks. I told my coach and when he saw how noticeable it was( because even I didn’t realize until I was in a posing studio) he cut me test down and upped the...
  6. A

    Using Arimidex w/ Nolva

    Hey all! New here, but not to AAS. I have never had issues with Gyno in 20 years of using AAS. However, recent Tren and Finasteride use has given me a HUGE flare up in a matter of weeks and got a pretty good size lump on one size. I started Arimidex .5 EOD and 20mg of Tamoxifen ED. The goal...
  7. M


    Hello to all, In the past I have done a few cycles. Test, Anavar, winny and deca are the type of aas I have used in the past. The first couple of cycles I didnt really use ancillary meds ( i.e.arimidex) like I was suppose to while in cycle. I started to develop gyno in both pecs. My right pec...
  8. L

    "contradicting" advice on using tamoxifen while on cycle.

    While it's not "contradicting" information, the kindle version, Anabolics, by William Llewellyn includes sample cycles. On most cycles that use an androgenic (not anabolic), he wrote: "estrogen support: tamoxifen (20-40mg/day)" including cycles where users never go above 500mg of test E, per...
  9. J

    GYNO surgery Tomorrow

    Whats going on guys,m i having surgery tomorrow morning.. had gyno from some old school PHs, anyway I wanted to take a low dosage OSTA(12.5) during recovery to help out. In the past when ive taken osta gyno gets very sensitive and sometimes i think it made it worse (even tho i had great...
  10. J

    Gyno help plssss

    I know there is a lot of forums and stuff on the internet about gyno and what to do, but I am not sure if I have gyno, my nipple is always puffy and and stands a bit out, but I can’t feel any lump and there is not sensitive feeling in my nipples, all normal, can fat make your nipple pointy and...
  11. J

    Winstrol and Letro together for gyno

    Hi everyone I have some mid gyno ( puffy nips with a very small lump) , I was wandering if I can run letro with winstrol because letro will take care of gyno while winstrol will help me get lean for summer body. I have run both letro and winstrol but have never run it together, I need some...
  12. B

    A Recipe For a Disaster (Tren+Anadrol)

    Sup, Lads:jenscat in this post am just asking about information since that i've never seen anybody asking that question in a direct way , i've seen many people starting a Tren/Test/Anadrol Cycle ! , since i've read alot about Tren and Anadrol i have some questions Considering that cycle so if...
  13. K

    cycle advice test cyp dbol anavar post gyno surgery

    hi I'm new to this site and was looking for some advice I had gyno surgery a few months back and am looking to run my first cycle post op. I haven't ran a cycle in 4 years. this is my cycle lay out Dbol- 25mg weeks 1-4 may up mg test cyp- 500mg weeks 1-12 shots mon-thurs anavar- 60mg weeks...
  14. F

    Please help with gyno

    please help me with gyno. i have read all of the information i could on gyno. i have used Superdrol for 8 weeks. when i came off, i didn't use a PCT. i was advised against it by a friend and i regret this big time. since coming off around 6 months ago. my hair is thin on my scalp, and my nipples...
  15. T

    LGD-4033 and S4 (Andarine) - GYNO

    OK first to give some background. I'm in my late 20's and already have a little gyno from a prohormone cycle (CycloBolan from Infinite Labs, the old formula not the new) in 2010. The endocrinologist started me on femara then after awhile took me off femara and put me on tamoxifen for some...
  16. B

    Letro potency over time?

    Hi guys, this is my first post, and my situation has led me to this website. I was hoping I could find some useful information from people with a lot more experience in this subject. I took prohormornes in the past, I developed gyno from it. I talked to a few people and they suggested letro. So...
  17. S

    pain under my left nipple when stretched

    Im 3 weeks in on my cycle, I woke up to a slight pain under my left side nipple. My nipples are not sore at all or sensitive just when I stretch my peck a little I could feel it. the feeling is starting to go away now, should i be worried?
  18. B

    critique on this protocol

    So I've had gyno about a year, and its gotten to the point where I really need it gone, it gives me social anxiety and self esteem issues etc, you all know the terrible effects. Status: I have puffy nips, white rings around the areola, palpable disc-shaped tissue beneath the skin, and...
  19. T

    Painful Nipples after 2nd day of Cycle

    I am going to leave a lot of irrelevant information out of this post and get straight to the point. I recently bought a pro-hormone called Super DMZ 2.0 from Blackstone Labs and started taking 1 pill per day. On the second day of the cycle my right nipple started to get very sore and painful to...
  20. R

    Cycle advice needed

    What's up everyone been reading up on aas use for a long while. Knew I'd be using and finally gonna dive in. Just need some thoughts on how i plan to go about this and got a few questions. First off I'm 24m 5'10 180lbs 16%bf been lifting about 4 years, been taking it very serious this year...
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