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Approved Log enemallithorre Rehab Log (peptides + first Test E cycle)

So, this is how I'm training at the moment. I've marked the exercises that I sometimes switch up. Right now, my ankle feels better than my shoulder, but I still can't put a lot of weight on my leg. When I can't do squats, I like to use the leg press machine instead. Sometimes I do shoulder presses, but I usually go for the smith machine because it feels more comfortable to me. Unfortunately, the bench press still hurts, so I stick to about 70-75% of my one-rep max, but I do more reps. On the bright side, pulling exercises feel pretty smooth and don't cause me any pain.

Oh, and I also booked an appointment with a really good physiotherapist in my town who specializes in athlete injuries (next month). I'm hoping to get some help with my shoulder, and maybe get some other tips. Also to get second opinion about some muscle disbalance issues.

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Love the detail bro
Do I understand correctly - 250 mg/week would be better than incremental doses?

As for Arimidex, I have two things to mention:
  1. I am prone to estrogenic side effects, particularly gynecomastia. When I tried to naturally boost my testosterone levels a few years ago, I ended up raising my estrogen levels as well (indicated by sensitive nipples and blood tests). Despite my efforts to avoid phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens and using DIM, I still had issues with high estrogen levels even when my testosterone was just at 1100 ng/dL. Doubling that level makes me think I would be better off with higher dose of Arimidex upfront. But at the same time I am afraid crushing my estrogen too much as well..
  2. Currently, I have 18% body fat. The good news for me is that Ipamorelin seems to be more effective than yohimbine when in a fasted state (atleast for me). My wife even noticed that I lost some body fat in just two weeks, despite not doing any cardio for now (and she usually doesn't pull the wool over my eyes.

@enemallithorre 250mgs/week with testosterone is the sweet spot, but split the injections into 3 small injections Mon/Wed/Fri.

On arimidex
1) 0.5mgs arimidex every other day is more than enough for 250mgs/test even if you're estrogen prone
2) Good so stay on ipamorelin and stay strong
Today I experimented with using my ankle more during my workout. Overall, my weights are not very impressive, but I focused on improving and experimenting with my technique and form.

Barbell Deadlift: 110kg x 5 reps (Set 1), 110kg x 5 reps (Set 2), 110kg x 4 reps (Set 3). The exercise was painful, but I was able to complete it with proper form.
Dip: 92kg x 20 reps (Set 1), 92kg x 20 reps (Set 2), 92kg x 20 reps (Set 3). The exercise was less painful compared to the bench press.
Barbell Hip Thrust: 60kg x 20 reps (Set 1), 60kg x 20 reps (Set 2), 60kg x 20 reps (Set 3). I used less weight and more reps for this exercise, and it felt better for me.

I performed the following exercises as a superset with no rest:
Dumbbell Reverse Fly: 12kg x 15 reps (Set 1), 12kg x 15 reps (Set 2), 12kg x 12 reps (Set 3)
Dumbbell Tricep Extension (Supine): 20kg x 12 reps (Set 1), 20kg x 12 reps (Set 2), 20kg x 12 reps (Set 3)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 12kg x 20 reps (Set 1), 12kg x 20 reps (Set 2), 12kg x 20 reps (Set 3)

Overall, I feel good about today's workout.. excited to continue making progress..
Good details on the workout, get cardio in there daily.
I want to see more of your training and diet, the details are good that you posted
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