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Domestic-Supply Discounts and Offers

DS Official
Hello everyone! my name is Greg ) I am the owner of shop ) I provide US domestic shipping, you will never have any problems with customs or police! All my products are legit (most of products have verification codes), and I guarantee the quality of them. I am here to provide you only the best products and the best service!
I accept all most popular payment options - Moneygram (minimum order 100$+), Western union (200$+), Ria money transfers (no minimum), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (no minimum).
We ship the same day we pick up your money and provide tracking number within 24h. Shipping time by priority mail shipping usually is 2-5 business days. The fastest payment method is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you need help with buying bitcoin or any other questions - don't hesitate to contact me

For limited time I start promo for EliteFitness members - make order - write in comment "I am from EliteFitness" - choose freebie from the list of products
I am sure you will be very satisfied with my products, the fastest shipping among all US domestic shops, customer service. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

List of the products
Spectrum Testo prop ( for orders 150$+)
Spectrum Testo cyp ( for orders 200$+)
Spectrum Methandienone inj ( for orders 150$+)
Spectrum Anadrol inj ( for orders 150$+)
Spectrum Nebido ( for orders 200$+)

Balkan Strombafort 10mg ( for orders 100$+)
Balkan Citomed ( for orders 100$+)
Balkan Tamoxifed ( for orders 300$+)

Zphc Nebido ( Test Undo) ( for orders 200$+)
Zphc Methandienone inj ( for orders 150$+)
Zphc Anadrol inj (Oxy) ( for orders 150$+)
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