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Doing 2 orals together

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34 yrs old
12% body fata
I want to stack 2 orals
The 1 oral i want to do is anadrol for sure, i was thinking 50mgs a day
What else would you stack with it between anavar and winstrol?

This initially seems like a strange stack, because:
• Winstrol is a cutting steroid
• Winstrol dries the body out, whereas Anadrol often causes significant amounts of water retention
However, when Anadrol isn’t used in conjunction with a high-calorie diet (with lots of sodium), water retention is minimal. If calories and sodium are low, users often report no additional water retention at all; hence why various men’s physique competitors’ cycle Anadrol before a show, making their muscles appear as full as possible.
Therefore, if your diet accommodates Anadrol in a way that doesn’t cause any fluid retention (low calories/low sodium), the body can remain to look relatively dry; whilst packing on large amounts of muscle.
The only problem with this cycle is that it will be very harsh on the body.
Winstrol and Anadrol are oral steroids, with both of them being hepatotoxic. These are also very suppressive compounds in regard to testosterone, and will have a deleterious effect on the heart; with elevated LDL and reduced HDL cholesterol scores.
This is possibly one of the worst cycles for a bodybuilder when weighing up the pro’s vs cons. This is because Winstrol won’t make a tremendous difference; yet will exacerbate the side effects of Anadrol significantly.
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