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can anyone clear up some things for me.. i appreciate it


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first off sorry, i just wanted some personal views once again, although i think "search" helped me decide.. but i want to make sure im correct in this.

Well, i just started this today, it surprised me i would do it b/c i had wanted my next cycle to be a prop.fina/winnny, but i had this planned out for a friend and agreed to dowith him.
Weeks 1-8 500mg Test Cyp.
400mg Deca
6-10 100mg/ed Winny
All chinese cycle though..hmm, don't know how it will go. Nolva n hand, and yes, clomid after... as well as DNP (3 day bursts) after and perhaps during. Allright, on this i want to lean up a little, i could care less about gaining much overall mass (bulk) mass. This might sound odd with these compounds (what do you guys think?), but i feel with proper diet i can achieve this (60p-20c-20f) I will adjust diet according to early indications of response. Think this is possible?

Here's my real question...searching i got a few too many conflicts:
For the winny to be most conducive to an atmosphere of cutting, maintaining gains, and (possibly) inhibitting the prog-e converion of deca do u think i should run it wks 7-12 (deca's effects run until 4 wks after shot, correct?)
Do the efffects of cyp subside two weeks after final shot (so i should run until wk 10 instead?)
This way clomid therapy can start immediately following the winstrol (aid by reducing time until HPTA recovery?) Also, i am trying nizoral 1% shampoo as a precaution (my workout partner has mpb in his family [i don't] so we have some, and figured it would be a good preventative measure. When should i start the nizoral.

In advance thanks guys. Some of u know me as a lurker and occasional poster, and i believe only twice have i asked for a cycle critique in threads. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.
P.S. Stats are 6'0" 205lb 15% bf (lazy this semester) 19yrs old. One previous cycle (750sust. 35g/ed d-bol.) --kept 22 lbs, but overall started lifting regulalrly 3 yrs. (maybe 4) at 135 naturally (wrestling) and worked my way up to 186 before previous usage.
Hey, I'll let you know upfront that I have only one cycle under my belt, and may not know as much as other people on the board, but since no one has answered, ill Bump and give you my opinion...

Ok, I really dont think that what you take is as important as your diet while "on". If you diet to get cut then your cycle will help you get cut(after the water rentention has cleared it will be noticeable). If you diet to bulk then it will also help you gain mass... Get the drift(I'm sure that you do)
I like your idea about running the winny 7-12 waiting for the deca to clear your system. My first cycle of sus and fina, I ran the fina an extra 3 weeks after sus so I could help to solidify my gains and also so I didnt have to wait around till the sus cleared my system to start clomid....I think it worked for me and probably would be best for you.
Not sure about the test though...if you keep it to 8 weeks I think you would be fine and you would definitely have it out of your system by time to start clomid. But if you wanted, you could run it to 10 weeks without a problem.(Personal Experience is that most of my gains stopped around week 8 so I wouldnt run it past that, but that is me personally and everyone is different)
Not sure about nizoral.
Be careful with the DNP I'm sure you are but just reminding you:) Best of luck with whatever you decide to do. Hope I helped some.

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