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Most diets on the internet look mainstream which applies to all approach. However , let's say as a natural lifter can build muscle with 300-500 calories surplus and 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight ( assuming training , diet and rest is on point ) in a certain amount of time ( it will differ everyone has different genetic potential ) .
I do not understand why an enhanced lifter should follow the same diet and calorie surplus as a natural lifter , since steroids give a positive nitrogen retention balance and elevates muscle protein synthesis , i assume nutrients are absorbed more efficiently . With steroids more muscle can be built in a shorter time , so should we not put more fuel in teh engine and increase the calorie surplus and macros on roids ?
It's about tweaking the numbers as you go
It's about tweaking the numbers as you go
I agree with this stance, since staring my cut in April I've tweaked foods non stop played around with less and more calories higher lower protein carbs and fats, along with different training styles, eventually through the process u find and figure out what works for you. I don't think there is a one size fits all answer in this regard.
I don't pay attention to macros or calories anymore. Once you are locked in on eating the right foods, you just eat when you are hungry.
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