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Bulking up using your diet the Steve way

^Damn, I always thought they were bad when cooked and had carcinogenic type effects ;O, I think MCT's are good for cooking with i.e coconut oil.

yeh i agree on grilled or boiled, but some of these low fat 1% cooking oils do actually work pritty well for frying and keeping down the saturates and what not, so even tho i prefer to grill, definanetly not against a nice fry job lol
Hey Steve, I notice you didnt mention a few things food wise and just was wondering what your personal opinions were on them.
Oats?? Or anything like Quinoa? These are killer complex carb sources.
Especially for someone like myself who doesnt eat veggies or sweet potatoes (regular, yes... sweet, yuck).

Also Grape seed oil is a killer fat to cook with which can withstand high temps and tastes great even by itself. Also unsweetened almond milk as opposed to dairy.
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