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Best stack for females

Steroids really are not going to help you loose weight. You could run a low dose of Anavar (5mg a day) while on a significant calorie deficient diet to help maintain existing muscle mass. But the diet is what is going to help you loose the weight. I would also quit the cardio and work on lifting the weights and pushing hard while doing it.

Your heart is already too taxed due to your weight to try Clenbuterol or T3.
I just signed up at planet fitness no judgement zone
I’m 5’7’’ and a big chubby. Close to 180 pounds
What are the best stacks for females and how often should i use steroids? I want to lose fat as soon as possible

My honest opinion Proper Dieting with Proper Training I would also look into Semaglutide peptide to help you to reduce excessive BF% Once you reach desire goal
Then I would consider mild AAS Cycle
A sarms stack is amazing for females and much safer than AAS! Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!