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Best home cooked meals

French toast is my childhood favorite memory my mother used to cook. In fact, French toast is a classic breakfast dish that many people grow up eating and often associate with fond childhood memories. Whether it was made by a parent or grandparent, or enjoyed on special occasions. The basic recipe for how to make French toast can be adapted in numerous ways to create different variations of the dish. For example, the bread used can be white, wholemeal, or even sourdough, and different spices and flavorings can be added to the egg mixture to give it a unique taste.
My moms pan fried chicken is the bomb. Add some mash potatoes or potato salad. Yummy.
We were not rich so I ate a lot of hamburger helper, sloppy joes or super fancy would be salmon Pattie’s. Pink Salmon from a can. If you got a little crunchy bone you where lucky.
Favorite breakfast was canned biscuits and home made sausage gravy!
sloppy joe's remind me of elementary school cafeteria.. on those days i wouldn't eat. but gosh was it popular with the country kids in school
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