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Becoming superman on sarms?

5 years ago I started dabbling around with pro hormones. they didn't do a thing for me except make me sick and make me lose results. the past year I've been busting my butt I don't want to mess around with needles though and use anything like that
That is why i am going with sarms
My cycle layout is rad140 20mgs a day, sr9009 30mgs a day, 10mgs LGD and 100mgs S4 andarine
PCT will be cardarine and clomid
Anything else i need?
I’m 24, 5’8’’ 155lbs
lets be serious here..superman not even on AAS might feel close on tren but not there
Sounds like a great stack to me man. Just make sure you get them from either or Umbrella Labs so you know you have legit SARMs.
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