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Asking for advice on next stack

next stack should be simpler

do Primo, anavar and trt
several things.. have you had bloodwork at all? you should see where your test levels are at because i have a feeling they are much higher than they should be based on your trt dose...

beyond that, you really want to get your body fat down lower to get yourself into better condition or you are going to set yourself up for more problems on cycle...
Full disclosure I am on self TRT
So i run around 200-250mgs a week of straight testosterone
I'm 18% body fat and I'm 6'1 217 lb
I'm looking to do a steroid cycle to add to this
I'm looking hard at a couple steroids including primobolan, anavar, and masteron
Would primo 200mgs a week along with mast 400 prop and 25mgs of anavar work good?
Bro seems like you all over the place.
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