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Anavar Prices


New member
Does this sound nuts? TT anavar 100 tabs for $150.00! At 50mg ED that will only last 10 days!

What doses are you guys running on a cutting cycle and does this price make sense? Is there another kind I should consider instead of using TT anavar?

I'm planning ahead for my August cycle (cutting) so any help now would be appreciated so I can start budgeting for then.
Thanks bros!
Yes. The are 5mg each tab. Are there better ones from overseas? Does SPA or anyone else make them (besides the china man)?
yep, if you got TT-Ox for $150 domestic then that is good because even if you got 'em south of the border they'd still cost ~$120.
There have been some recent postings saying they've gotten 100-10mg's of Spanish var for less($100).
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