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Anavar daily time and splits for cyclist

Well, I preferred the n2guard. gonna take it during 2 off days in a row so can check for issues w it, then take the Anavar full day prior to also check for gi/other issues. Guessing be a week for this to come in…
I would definitely go with SARMs instead. Anavar could cause crippling pumps in your lower legs. That would be absolutely brutal for cycling.
Hi, every day is identical.
32yr old ex pro cyclist, not competing or being tested so I can finally try something, have 25mg anavar and wonder what the best way to space it out would be. Not sure if its going to cause go upset while riding as a lot of things wont when your not riding but will when your at 90% max HR for 2hrs.
Have been recommend to do 50mg/day considering my current fitness level but prefer to be safe especially on kidneys with something like 20-30mg/day.
Would I be best to split the 25 into two 12's take one the second I wake up with water on empty stomach so it can sit for 30min before I start training or am I going to want to push back my riding/wake up earlier so it can sit in me for 45min?
Then when should I take the other half of it? since im completely sedentary from 11am until the next morning perhaps I should do it later in the day like 8pm instead of at 6?

8am awake
8.29am eat small (150cal) energy waffle
830-1030am ride & 2x more energy waffles
11am relax & 200cal protein shake
do absolutely nothing
130pm HUGE rice & veggie meal & metrx meal replacement bar
do absolutely nothing
6pm HUGE savage & veggie meal
830pm carb meal
no more food until 829am before riding in the morning.

Thru out the day all the supplements are spaced out as much as possible (fish oil, all the vitamins, bromelian, every other day some amino acids blend)

If you want to use something to help improve VO2 capacity and lactic acid buildup i would suggest using osterine and GW.
Anavar is not gonna do much for you on the cycling front. I used to race MTB on an armature level and had my best training blocks on the two compounds.
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