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after my workouts I get very tired

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I’ve noticed that after I work out I get very tired. I take a pre-workout before I go in the morning and then I have to go to work afterwards for a 10-hour shift.
This is no good as it’s making me tired while I am at work and I have to think a lot at my work
well advice would you give me when it comes to changing of what supplements I take
More food
Last year during my cycle I got very sluggish and run down. A bro at the gym suggested my red blood cell count might be high and to go and donate blood. I thought it sounded ridiculous. At the donation center the first thing they do is test your RBC with a finger prick. Guess what? Mine was way above normal. They couldn't wait to get my blood. Within 24 hours I felt normal again. I now donate religiously, every 4 months, whether I feel like it or not. It's good for you!
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