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Advice getting lean

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Hi guys just some basic info about me been off the gym sincr covid put on some weight currently at 85kg i am 5'6 tall
I have been back in the gym for around a month and want some advice:
My goal is to lose my fat and get lean

The questions i have is shall i be eating high protien foods in small meals last meal at 7pm getting aroind 150grams off protien a day with a very low carb diet and around 1200 calories per day.

Shall i be watching the scales if i am trying to lose weight will the scales be lying to me because i am putting on muscle at the same time

My training routine is 5 days a week 7am 20mins off treadmill/hillclimb before i do my weights session

Comon all you gym guys and gals give a man some advice

Scales = no
Mirror = yes
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